Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hillary's Hypocrisy

By Jeff Simpson 

Being in politics most of her life, and in battles with the Republicans, Hillary Clinton has learned some tricks.  The first one she learned was a Karl Rove special....attack and play the victim.

With all of the whining about BernieBros and how mean the Sanders supporters are to Hillary, when the reality is the most venom in this race is being spit out by Hillary and her supporters.  

In the wake of the primary looming in the near future for WI, the Hillary campaign has even had an assist from the local press.   

Here the Wisconsin State Journal runs a quick column on Hillary Clinton's "powerful backers in Wisconsin", without naming a single one.   Apparently they are so powerful that they can not be named.    

One person in the article WAS named though - Heather Colburn who is referred to as a Hillary fundraiser.   

A quick check of Ms. Colburn's facebook page and you see this post:

Heather Colburn
February 11 at 8:57pmMilwaukeeI'm super excited. In 4 years I will have free college, doubled social security income, no racism, totally free health care and a unicorn!!
The time coincides with the Dem debate in Milwaukee and Ms. Colburn(being a Hillary supporter) was obviously referring to Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  

The first problem is that if a Sanders supporter had written this they would be attacked as misogynistic and hurting the party.  

The second and biggest problem, is that this statement is so far off fact wise that she could have picked it up from Vicki Mckenna.   

Senator Sanders health care plan alone would SAVE the US $5 Trillion dollars AND cover everyone.   The Senator's college tuition plan also would save Americans hundreds of million of dollars that they could then put back into the economy.    I also believe he only promised unicorns to bundlers which is a better gift than Hillary who I believe offers a free blue dress and lunch date with her husband for those who bundle for her.  

It falls on my deaf ears, when staunch Hillary supporters(and Democratic party insiders) spew such right wing talking points and vitriol towards other Democratic candidates and then whine about party unity!   

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