Thursday, February 18, 2016

Scott Walker - Model of Inconsistency

By Jeff Simpson

Today was a big day at the was dubbed the "Day Without Latinos" and it was a massive pro-immigration rally.

 Bused in from across the state, some 20,000 Latinos amassed at the Capitol Thursday for a "Day Without Latinos" rally demanding to halt bills that would limit local officials from issuing photo IDs and withhold funding from so-called sanctuary cities.

20,000 Wisconsinites all gathering at the Capitol  to protest bad Republican bills and let their voices be heard.  Today was an important day, because the legislature set a goal of working today and not again the rest of the year(yes it is February 19th and they plan on calling it a year in the Capitol and collecting their full time pay).  

One would think that politicians could be moved by the massive show of force, and one would be wrong.  The Republicans had no problem passing their horrible bills including one that calls for fines of local governments who become sanctuary cities.

This was a very important bill to show that we hate immigrants and they are not welcome here(if you are scoring at home, Wisconsin has exactly ZERO sanctuary cities)!

Thanks guys for taking the time to accomplish absolutely nothing!*439/b99672739z.1_20160218154528_000_g1nei0mu.1-0.jpg

Was Scott Walker moved by the massive gathering of his constituents?

In a word NO.

Of course when Mr, Walker says this:

"There are protests all the time at the state Capitol. It doesn't affect the economy one way or the other. And today, we're going to focus as we do every day on how we help improve the business climate so we put more people to work and provide more opportunity," Walker said.

We have to ignore the fact that Scott Walker has massively failed in creating jobs, we have to pretend that making sanctuary cities(of which we have none in WI) illegal will create jobs and we have to completely ignore the fact that it was not too long ago and Scott Walker had this to say:

Scott Walker: Well it’s interesting, look at the March to march numbers, March of last year to March of this year, there’s a reason why we had some challenges there, particularly early on. In March, April and May, people can remember what was happening, thank goodness its passed now, you can remember what was happening last Spring in our state’s Capitol. There was a lot of uncertainty, particularly for small businesses, I know having held listening sessions all around this state, small business owners more than anything want certainty, they didn’t see that around the Capitol last year so that was one of the biggest challenges out there. - 

So sometimes protests hurt business and sometimes they do not effect the economy one way or the other.  My guess is that in Republican terms, white people protesting hurts business but since no one on the right,  pays attention to minorities the republicans do not even know that they are there.  

That or Scott Walker just says what is most convenient at the time, and hopes that people forget what he said last week.  

Of course Mr. Walker is lying, protests like this rarely happen.  The last time was in 2011 when the people in WI protested ACT10:

While most politicians can go a full career without bringing thousands of protesters to your front door, Scott Walker is special in that he gets protested everywhere he goes.   The thing is though, now that it is 6 years later, most of the protests at the Capitol look more like this:

The Solidarity singers have been consistent and for the most part sparse.  When Scott Walker says "there are protests all the time" it is insulting to his constituents who took the time to come to Madison and take place in their Democratic Republic and it is also Mr. Walker's attempt to dehumanize anyone who disagrees with him.

It is a look and an action that is not very professional nor becoming of someone who has delusions of grandeur that they could one day be President of the United States.  

Its time we all worked together to retire Mr. Walker.  



  1. Walker's kind of talk always makes more sense if you substitute "rich people" every time you hear him say "the economy".

  2. Walker ALWAYS has some BS excuse to blame for his total and complete failure as a governor.

    Uncertainty over this issue.

    Uncertainty over that issue.

    The fool will never admit that anything that he did was wrong.

    He can't even admit that he has male pattern baldness! A cabinet door caused the growing hair loss on the back of his head? Who the F... does he think he is kidding?

    If this state can ever overcome the disaster that is the Walker governorship and the republican control of the State legislature and Supreme Court history will remember these years as possibly the worst years in the history of Wisconsin. The most embarrassing years in the history of Wisconsin. History will wonder what in the he.. were these people thinking?

  3. Oops. REV Group, a privately held manufacturer of ambulances, firetrucks, buses, shuttle vans, motor homes and other specialty vehicles, moving HQ to Milwaukee. It has about $2 billion in annual revenue, 5,700 employees and 15 factories.