Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Marketplace of One Idea

By Jeff Simpson

By now, most people that follow politics, know that the WISGOP are setting the stage to seriously cut UW System funding, or at the very least make them pay for educating Wisconsinites.

It started a few weeks ago when Sen, nASS complained about a class on the Problem with Whiteness, apparently no one had cleared the syllabus with Big Government Steve.

Then he saw that there was a class on masculinity.   In this current rape culture we have created, and with a testosterone deficiency of his own, nAss through another hissy fit and really let them have it.  While nASS is great for a lunatic quote and good press, most people in Wisconsin tend to just ignore him.

nASS has long been at war with UW System, and higher education.

Then as if trying to control every class on every campus isn't enough, then the Republicans let it be known that if they do not start booking more right wing speakers then they would be punished.

This time, Robin Vos (R-Adulterer) jumped on the crazy train.   

"Perhaps what could be most worrisome about going to college these days is the plague of political correctness that creates an environment that ends up stifling free speech," Vos wrote. "I challenge the UW System this school year to find more ways, beyond a two-page policy statement, to ensure that all perspectives, including conservative ones, are present in the classroom."
Apparently too much beer has went to Robin Vos (R- Birth control is as important as water) head and he forgets that in 2013, Robin Vos did something completely unprecedented.   Robin Vos (R-petty, spiteful, little man), went to the closed Democratic caucus, told them that there was no chance of them getting any budget amendment even heard on the floor so do not even try.  The Democrats then did not offer any amendments, which led to Robin Vos being in complete disbelief.

"I'm disappointed, but I can tell you I'm not surprised," said Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester), who says he believes the Democrats strategy will be seen as a failure.
Rep. Vos says he has never seen such a tactic employed during his entire political career, but Democrats say it was Vos who prompted their actions. 

 Like the aronists who burned down his workplace and can't believe that there is no need for him to show up to work the next day, Robin Vos (R- Hingst) now tells us he wants "all perspectives" are present.

Yet nothing in his career, past or present, has shown anything but a lust for power and doing what he is told by the masters at ALEC.  Even now saying he wants to make sure he gets more broad support for bills before he brings them to the floor.

 You will hear lots of faux outrage the next few weeks about the WISGOP wanting a "marketplace of ideas" and yet the reality is they want to make sure you hear their message, and no other.  

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