Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dr. Evers In The Drivers Seat

By Jeff Simpson

Dr. Tony Evers, Superintendent of Public Instruction, term is up in 2017, and he has two challengers. In this officially non partisan position, Dr, Evers is considered too progressive to be allowed anywhere near our Government.  Dr. Evers, while somewhat too timid at times, is a solid supporter of public education.

With the election of the largest majority of Republicans in Madison since the 1950's, and this guy as President.  

With the whitewashing that the WISDEMS took just a couple months ago, the WISGOP smell blood and the WISDEMS have decided to fold em.    They even let the hyper partisan Annette Ziegler go unchallenged.

Apparently the cries of "It's about the Supreme Court" during the Hillary campaign, really meant nothing.

Luckily, Dr. Evers has decided to run for re-election and to try and stay as our last line of defense against American Federation for Children and the private school profiteers.

Formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen was able to find someone to run against Dr. Evers, so let the carousel of cash, start spinning and smearing his good name.

The problem is it will only work if WE LET IT WORK.

We know for a fact that Wisconsin supports public education, with approximately 80% rate.   Wisconsinites are supporting their local schools.

Secondly, we know that currently take about $160 million dollars directly from your child's public school.    The fact that they want to increase this number tremendously, which will also come from your child's/local public school, is a formula that is unsustainable for our state.   A few people will benefit, politicians will get more donations, and the vast majority of our children will suffer in the short and long term.   Try and sell your house when the local school district has to ask for double what they are asking now just for essentials and your kids are in classrooms of 40 students.  

Explain to the potential buyers that it is ok that their children will no longer have art, music or Phy ed. as offerings in their new district.    Should really help the resale value.

But wait there is more.

One things we also know is that it is incredibly hard to beat an incumbent.    Dr. Evers has turned back challengers every time, and has done so handily.

[hide]Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction General Election, 2013
PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    NonpartisanGreen check mark transparent.pngTony Evers Incumbent61.1%487,030
    NonpartisanDon Pridemore38.7%308,050
Total Votes796,511

PartyCandidateVote %Votes
    NonpartisanGreen check mark transparent.pngTony Evers57.1%439,248
    NonpartisanRose Fernandez42.7%328,511
Total Votes768,664

Add on the fact that this will be two years into this guys term, in a Government completely run by extremist right wingers, who are salivating to make their first act to take healthcare away from 20 million Americans.

We know who they are, and we have seen their policies in action before.  

Why anyone would think that after two years of the Grimace's co-worker as President:

A guy who was hawking dollar hamburgers and talking to Grimace, is soon to be leader of the free world.    

Now is NOT the time for the opposition party to fold em and go home with their tails between their legs.   Its inexcusable that there is no competition for Ms. Ziegler but instead of worrying about and discussing Dr. Evers loss, let's start discussing why Dr. Evers will win!

Let's also start discussing picking up more seats and retaking the Senate.  We need to especially start talking about what the new Governor will be doing to move our state Forward when we retire this guy:


  1. "Apparently the cries of "It's about the Supreme Court" during the Hillary campaign, really meant nothing."

    Well said, and bears repeating.

  2. How are we ever going to fix the this totally inept and feckless WI democratic party? What a mess. Top down never worked, never will.

  3. Support Tony Evers here