Monday, January 9, 2017

Paul Ryan Builds A Wall - And We All Pay

By Jeff Simpson

H/T Teen Vogue(seriously):

Paul Ryan, who ducked all debates with his Democratic Opponent Ryan Solen, decided spending millions in his district to get re-elected to his heavily gerrymandered seat, has decided to tell us what he stands for AFTER the election.

Ryan has come out now and said he plans to defund Planned Parenthood.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that Republicans would slash federal dollars for Planned Parenthood as part of the GOP effort to repeal the health care law.

Of course the incredible benefits and importance of what Planned Parenthood actually does is another blog altogether.  I want to focus on Paul Ryan's cowardice here.   The guy who would not debate his opponents, or even campaign in his district (because people knew who he was), first order of business (well second, his first order of business was to try and gut the nonpartisan ethics watchdog agency) was to do something he never once campaigned on.  

In our Constitutionally limited representative democracy, how it is supposed to work, is people who want to serve the public good, lay out their positions when they run for office.  Then voters know who each person is and vote according to the people who best represent their views.

In our current version of something we call a democracy, we get inundated with millions of dolalrs of smear ads, poor press and celebrity worshiping and end up with politicians who campaign one way and govern completely opposite.

In our Constitutionally limited representative democracy, when your representatives are not representing you, you organize via getting together with friends or like minded people, and/or starting a petition to get the voice of many people in a short time and/or go speak with your representative and try and reason with them.

Planned Parenthood decided to do the petition and deliver it personally to attempt to reason with Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.)  A few dozen women, armed in pink Planned Parenthood logoed T-shirts, were sure they could visit the Speaker of the House, the third most powerful position in Government, and explain to him that the Government does not actually fund Planned Parenthood(along with delivering their petitions with close to 100,000 signatures).

The thing is, the federal government doesn’t actually “fund” Planned Parenthood. There’s no big check or bag of money that goes to the reproductive and sexual healthcare provider and their affiliate clinics throughout the country each year. Rather, the federal funds that do go to Planned Parenthood all happen in the form of reimbursements for services rendered through Medicaid, the federal and state program that provides health insurance to the working poor, and Title X, the federal family planning program for low-income Americans. Furthermore, because of the Hyde Amendment passed in 1976, no federal funding can in any way go toward abortion services; abortion is the only medical procedure explicitly banned from Medicaid coverage.
Of course  the guy who "opposed" Trump, and is good friends with this guy:

Decided that he was so secure in his argument that the best way to address a few dozen ladies in pink shirts, was to hide.   Not only did he hide, he spent a ton of  taxpayer money to do just that.

These are the women he is scared of:

Paul Ryan built his own wall, but this one was to keep fellow Americans and constituents out.   Paul Ryan called in 6 security officers to guard the doors to his office and shield Congressman Ryan from hearing any information that would not square up with pleasing his corporate masters.  

This is the scene of his office that needed taxpayer funded security called for:

Be prepared on January 29th, we will be part of the proverbial snowball, with you know who steering:


  1. all I can say is what type of people vote for ryan, walker nAss and the likes.

    It all starts there. Really, SAD.

    Now the supreme court wants a raise, they are lower than the rest of their peers, do they realize they are more inept? they should actually take a pay cut.

  2. one last note, nobody running against ziegler? really SAD.