Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Donalds Massive Ego & Alternate Reality

By Jeff Simpson

We are going on Day 5 of the Donald's Presidency.  Technically, it is day three because after his swearing in ceremony, he took the next two days off.  Completely ignoring your wife is tiring.

I will say though, The Donald did take time away from his Saturday off day, to let us know that the crowd at his inauguration was YUGE!

The speech that he interrupted his Saturday morning cartoon watching to give, he delivered at CIA Headquarters.  During his speech, he was cheered roundly, and while people were wondering why the CIA, who has linked the Donald to Russia,and Vlad Putin, would cheer the President during a speech, it turns out that now that he has unlimited taxpayer money, The Donald travels with his own cheering section.  Seriously!

Who needs to validation so badly that they need to travel with their own cheering section?

Wait!  There is more.

The incredibly important topic that The Donald needed to spend his first morning off discussing, was the incredibly important topic of ISIS, jobs, the storms battering the US, The official title of Star Wars Episode VIII, his Cabinet Appointments ?  No to none of those minor issues.  There was a much more important issue on The Donald's mind - the size of his inauguration crowd.

We know from experience that The Donald likes to exaggerate the size of things, now he has to make sure that everyone knows that his inauguration was the biglyest inauguration ever.  The Donald always has the best things believe me.

Of course in order to believe that we have to suspend reality!

Maybe the answer to surviving the next 4 years is to suspend reality.   The Donald seems to have done so already! In all aspects of his life. 

Forget the popcorn, I am collecting Spam and bottled water.

shauna ‏@goldengateblond  Jan 20
when camera angles matter

Despite all of the bluster of holding press conferences to yell at reporters and let them know what a big man you are, the one thing that went virtually unnoticed might have been the scariest of all.

One of the Donald's first acts as President of the United States, was to declare the day a "National Day of Patriotic Devotion". I wish I was making this up, but this stuff is straight out of a Dinesh D'Souza movie.

Where have we heard of an overbearing of national power being a problem before?


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