Friday, January 20, 2017

David Clarke - Coward Of Milwaukee County

By Jeff Simpson

On a recent flight, from Dallas to Milwaukee, Riverwest resident, and 24 year old videographer Dan Black, saw Sheriff David Clarke on his flight from Dallas back to Milwaukee.  As Mr. Black posted on Facebook:

Dan BlackJanuary 15 at 3:29pmJust got off a flight from Dallas, our wonderful Sheriff Clarke was on the flight. I couldn't tell if it was him because he was decked out in all Cowboys gear, so I asked. When he responded yes, I shook my head at him and moved on. From behind me he asked if I "had a problem" and I shook my head no again. When we landed at Mitchell International I had a welcoming party of about six cops and drug/bomb dogs who questioned me for about fifteen minutes before escorting me out. Just posting to let y'all know be careful around our Sheriff, he needs to be in a safe space at all times.
Mr. Black was returning from a wedding he attended in Dallas and Sheriff Clarke was returning, to repack his bags and head to DC because the idea of actually working is foreign to the Sheriff.   However, the one thing Sheriff Dave does well is use county resources for his own gain.

A constituent asks a public official his name and then shakes his head,  This pisses off the public official so badly that he phones ahead (on his public paid for cell phone), and has six deputies and two police dogs meet Mr, Black on landing and escort him out of the airport,

While Sheriff Cowboy Hat has yet to respond to the fact that four people(including a newborn all you pro lifers), he responded almost immediately to Mr. Black, who filed an harassment complaint with the county:

Sheriff Clarke commented on complaint sent to the media:Next time he or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get knocked out. The Sheriff said he does not have to wait for some goof to assault him. He reserves the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault.
The complaint can be found here!

The elected Sheriff of the biggest county in Wisconsin, has publicly stated that he lives life by the Bush Doctrine(attack before you get attacked).   We are awaiting with baited breath if the Fox News Sheriff thinks that same standard should apply to everyone in our society or just him?   If we all are allowed to "knock-out" some "goof" before he attacks us?  If so, Scott Walker better not go out in public!

As our faithful readers know, there's more , there is always more!

Sheriff blow hard, did not just stop at using Milwaukee County Resources to harass a constituent, then use more resources to verbally attack him for filing a complaint, but had to use even more resources to continually taunt him.

The perpetually absent Sheriff's office(you know one in which everyone is paid by taxpayer money) posted this on their Facebook page:

Sheriff Clarke regrets that he cannot attend this juvenile, leftist, anti-cop tantrum. He is pleased that he has their attention however.
The Sheriff is in Washigton to witness the swearing in of our next President Donald J. Trump as we embark on a mission to MakeAmericaGreatAgain!

FOX6 continues to be snookered into fake news. Milwaukee deserves better.

Sheriff Snowflake basically not only threatens someone's life (if someone posted this exact same thing about a public official they would rightly expect a visit from the police or the secret service,

If a high school student posted this about their principal or a teacher, they would be suspended(rightly so).

Not only that, with the divide in this country, and the rabidness of the far right, this is basically sending a hint to his supporters who this guy is and if I were Mr. Black I would fear for my safety.

But wait there is even more!

On the Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office Facebook page has this as their description:

Government Organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
They also have this as their profile picture:

Yes that is the Gadsden Flag Trumping the flag of the United States of America!  How UnAmerican.

 The last time I heard about the Gadsden flag, some far right lunatics were throwing it on the bodies of the cops they had just shot in the back. Nice graphics.

Milwaukee County, this is your Sheriff who is immature, childish and downright dangerous and expensive for the people in Wisconsin.  Dave has one priority, to make anyone who pay who criticizes him and proves time and time again he is incredibly unfit for office.

The question is what are you going to do about it?


  1. Be sure to see that new Samuel L.Jackson sequel, "Sheriff Clarke on a plane."

  2. Wisconsin, like many, is becoming a "police state". You know in Cudahy, you have to go to the police if you want assistance from the health department! They will not respond to any tax paying citizen. Also, if you bother the Mayor, he will send the police (in force) to intimidate you for it.