Monday, January 23, 2017

Wisconsin Watchdog Is On The Case

By Jeff Simpson

The Bradley Funded Wisconsin Reporter I mean Wisconsin Watchdog (Ruff Ruff), did some hard hitting journalism this weekend.   In order to try and minimize the impact of the Women's march on Saturday(which is probably the largest march in history), they had "reporters" (term used loosely) all over and this Tweet was the hardest hitting thing they could find.


You can not make this stuff up!   Our friends on the right even get upset when we clean up our messes.  

Let's hope that someday they clean up the mess of this state and the country that they are leaving us!

PS:  Matt let me help you with that one:

  1. 1:  forming or consisting of a large mass:a :  bulky <massive furniture>b :  weightyheavy <massive walls> <a massive volume>c :  impressively large or ponderous <stars more massive than the sun>d :  having no regular form but not necessarily lacking crystalline structure <massivesandstone>
  2. 2a :  large, solid, or heavy in structure <massive jaw>b :  large in scope or degree <the feeling of frustration, of being ineffectual, is massive — David Halberstam>c (1) :  large in comparison to what is typical <a massive dose of penicillin> (2) :  being extensive and severe <massive hemorrhage> (3) :  imposing in excellence or grandeur <massive simplicity> <the most massive American dramatist of his time — Newsweek>
  3. 3.  


  1. Are they sure they weren't taking pictures of State Street at bar time the night before? If they think that's a mess, they'd hate to see what lots around Camp Randall look like after a Badger football game.

    ZERO arrests and ZERO damage from 75,000-100,000 people. And we all went back to work today. Compare that to your average AM radio listener/SUCKER that thinks any type of Bradley News is legit.

    1. I'm sure jake from the loosing party was wearing a pink pushy hat. Solidarity! Pathetic Progs

    2. Awww, looks like dead-end Jeffy is over "loosing" the ability to troll on my blog. Precious little snowflake, isn't he?

      Jeffy's real problem is that pink hat ladies have laughed in his face for decades, and the quality ones left his shit town after HS