Monday, January 22, 2018

Do You Remember These???

By Jeff Simpson 

 The boogie man, lemonade stand and taking your tonsils outIndian burn and wait your turn and four foul ballsYou're out! Cigarette loads and secret codes and saving lucky starsCan you remember back that far?
Scott Walker came out today with a "new" proposal.  Well new to his mouth but one that has been hanging around for a while because the Democrats wrote it!

After years of fighting Obamacare, Gov. Scott Walker is now seeking to stabilize the state marketplace under the law.
The state will also ask to permanently continue SeniorCare, a prescription drug program Walker has previously sought to pare down, he said.
Walker also said he’ll ask the state Senate to pass a bill authored by Democratic lawmakers and passed by the Assembly that would enshrine into state law access to private insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.
One thing our friends on the right seem to forget is that in the year 2018, we have things they have said in the past documented! 

Let us take a quick look:

Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he would scrap President Barack Obama’s signature health care law on his first day in office and replace it with a health insurance system that relies on refundable tax credits based on age instead of household income to help individuals pay for health coverage.  8/19/2015
WALKER: I think long-term a much better option for us here in Wisconsin and across the country is to replace it with something market-driven. But for us, we didn't take the Medicaid expansion. We didn't do a state exchange. But long-term we can't go back to the status quo. What we need to do is go to a market-driven position. 12/1/2013
Scott Walker says, "It starts out with the premise that on my very first day as President of the United States, I will send legislation to the Congress to once and for all repeal Obamacare entirely." 8/18/2015
 Gov. Scott Walker said Friday that he would consider seeking a waiver to let insurers raise premiums for people with pre-existing medical conditions if the House Republicans’ health care plan becomes law. 5/6/17
Yes those were all said by the same guy.  The same guy who is running for re-election for Governor of Wisconsin.   Scott Walker will obviously say or do anything to be re-elected. 

However, those of us with pre-existing conditions, must not be fooled by the snake oil salesman.  We know, from his history, that anything he says now, will be immediately forgotten the minute he is declared the winner. 

We have to make sure that does not happen! 

Remember this in November! 

Knock, knock jokes 
Who's there?
Dewey who?
Remember these
Yes we do!
Oh do we?
Do we remember these!

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