Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Scott Walkers Bad Company

By Jeff Simpson

A man is known by the company he keeps 

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin has entered the race for Governor and shortly thereafter, Scott Walker had a meltdown. 

He has shown a definite fear of Mayor Soglin entering the race for quite sometime. 

The "Moving WI Forward" Governor was tweeting this shortly after the new year.

Nothing says 2018 like a story and photo from 1975.   Of course there are more time relevant pics that Scott Walker has not tweeted out, so let me help a bit!

Scott Walker and the White Power conference:

Scott Walker and the Bad News Elephants:

 While it reads like a dime store rate Harry Potter knockoff, the reality is that Scott Walker, who has his own problems of picking friends, shows his desperation with his attacks on Mayor Soglin.  He is very vulnerable and he knows it!

Our character is reflected in our choice of friends.

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