Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Real Activist Judge

By Jeff Simpson

The definition of irony! 

Today on the RightWisconsin website, Matt Kittle, the blogger who I think is currently being paid by Mcgyver, wrote a story about the Supreme Court and how Tim Burns and Rebecca Dallett are going to be "activist judges".
The forum, moderated by University of Wisconsin-Madison Political Science professor Ryan Owens, in large part proved to be a bare-knuckle political brawl between the two left-leaning candidates, Madison attorney Tim Burns and Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet. The other candidate, Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock, the conservative in the race, mostly remained above the fray, periodically asserting that his opponents are effectively Activist Judge 1 and Activist Judge 2.
On the same page of the extremist blog, is an interview that The "above the fray" Judge Screnock,  who spent his formative years getting arrested throwing himself in front of a woman's health center in Madison to keep women from entering, gives an interview to friend of CogDis, the voter cager himself, Jimmy "Wiggy" Wigderson

Nothing says I am "above the fray" like running to a far right wing blog.    A quick look at Screnock's twitter and you see that he likes to finish his tweets with #wiright. 

Apparently #wiright means independent and nonpartisan! 

While I am adamantly supporting Tim Burns in this race, this part of the story showed why I am 100% correct in my decision! 

H/T Amanda Brink, for recognizing the fact that there is no "news" in Maciver!

 Burns’ campaign handler refused to allow the candidate to speak to MacIver News Service following the forum, even as he was being interviewed by another media outlet.


  1. This is the same Matt Kittle who thinks the money-laundering scheme in John Doe and allowing oligarchs to,hide their donations from the public is "standing up for the little guy."

    Christian Schneider thinks that guy is a shameless Bradley Foundation shill. Vote on Feb 20 for the non-Screnock candidates, folks

  2. I used to comment on Kittles BS on their FB page but either they took the page down or they blocked me...
    Kittle is a freakish bigot.