Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ryan Reluctantly Calls Trump's Shithole Comments "Unfortunate, Unhelpful"

Lyin' Paul Ryan hadn't commented for a whole day after news of Trump's racist shithole comment broke. It was only when pressed to do did Ryan give a response to it, and to say it was lackluster would be an understatement:
"I read those comments later last night," he said. "So, first thing that came to my mind was very unfortunate, unhelpful. But you know what I thought of right away, I thought about my own family.

"My family, like a whole lot of people, came from Ireland on what they called the coffin ships then. Came here and worked the railroads. The Irish were really looked down upon back in those days. I hear all these stories from my relatives about 'Irish need not apply.' We could basically get construction jobs, cops and firefighter jobs."
Ryan spent most of his time as he usually does, trying desperately to get someone - anyone - to like his tax cuts for the wealthy.

Of course there was no mention at all of censuring Satan's Oompah Loompah.

Ryan's Democratic opponent, Randy "IronStache" Bryce laid it out clearly:

Personally, I think Randy was a little harsh on Ryan. After all, I'm sure it's hard for Ryan to take a stand against evil when he doesn't even have a spine.

But the clear difference between the two candidates is part of the reason why IronStache continues to run such a strong campaign. He's connecting with people on their level. That would also explain why in the last quarter of last year, Team Stache raised $1.2 million from 82,000 people, averaging $24-25 per donation.

If you want to be part of the Blue Wave that sweeps Ryan out of Washington and replaced by Randy, you can help out here.

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