Monday, January 29, 2018

Media Trackers: Still Lying Like Crazy After All These Years

During the recalls of 2011, right wing propaganda group Media Trackkkers made laughing stocks of themselves by accusing people of bribing two underage African American women into signing the petition.

Of course, this was a Fox News level lie.   The women were neither underage nor were they bribed.

Today, seven years later, Media Trackkkers has a whole new writing staff.  Well, a completely different set of contributors, anyway. But they are still telling the whoppers.

One example is Kevin Binversie.  Binversie, whose only other claim to fame his his Green Lantern pajamas, is still adamant that a fundraiser for Randy Bryce, featuring Chelsea Handler, had been cancelled.  Of course, Binversie's only proof is that no one dumped information into his lap.

Maybe Binversie can explain this email I got last week (the names have been redacted to protect the hosts form harassment):

Apparently, the motto at Media Trackkkers is "It doesn't have to be true, as long it proves our point."

But wait, there's more!  There's always more.

There is our pal, James "Wiggy" Wigderson, who writes for more fake news/propaganda sites than anyone else in the state.  Apparently, Wiggy stands for wigged out.

Wiggy has his undies in a bundle (I do apologize for the visual that might create in the gentle reader's mind) over Bill Penzey, the owner of Penzey's spices, referring to Trump and his acolytes, like Lyin' Paull Ryan, as Nazis.

Perhaps, Wiggy somehow missed that little demonstration in Charlottesville last summer, when this was a common sight:

In fact, things have gotten so vulgar and depraved in this country because of the Republicans that Mike Godwin, creator of Godwin's Law, has said that it's perfectly fine to compare "these shitheads to the Nazis.  Again and again. I'm with you."

Perhaps Wiggy should put down the Snickers bar for a minute and take a look outside of his own little bubble.  He just might learn something.

Then again, people like Binversie and Wigderson never do seem to learn.

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