Thursday, January 11, 2018

Another Conservative Reformer Is Reforming

By Jeff Simpson

Conservative family values Gov. Eric Greitens, the guy who campaigned on family values:

His campaign capitalized on his military service as a Navy SEAL, his work as founder of a veterans’ charity “and most importantly, a proud husband and father”.
The problem is, Mr. Greiten was also sleeping with someone else's wife at the time(still checking to see if he is related to Robin Vos).   The thing is this Navy Seal knew how to keep himself out of trouble, because he tied his mistress up, took pictures of her naked and let her know that if she told anyone he would plaster her nude pics all over the Internet. 

Surprisingly, this did not set very well with Greiten's mistresses husband:

Looks like someone in Missouri did not vote Republican.   

The family values GOP rising superstar is so confident in his abilities that he has already purchased  Imagine the affairs he can have in the White House with Air Force One and the world at the palm of his hands.   

One thing we know for certain, is that wherever Greitens career takes him, we know who his biggest fan is:

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