Saturday, January 6, 2018

QOTD: Charles Pierce

The esteemed and renowned columnist Charles Pierce hits it right on the head with this paragraph:
They [the Republicans] aren’t going to pull back. They aren’t going to stop. They aren’t going to do their jobs. Their patriotism extends only as far as a donor’s wallet and their devotion to the Constitution can be measured with an eyedropper. Nobody truly can be said to be NeverTrump anymore who is not also NeverMcConnell, NeverRyan, and, frankly, NeverGOP, at least in its current manifestation. The prion disease has triumphed completely. The patient is brain-dead, but still deadly in its contagion.
And since I'm quoting Pierce, I feel obliged to gratuitously share this picture of the time I got to meet him:

And yes, that's Randy Bryce photobombing us.

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