Sunday, August 20, 2017

Trustee Hendricks to Beloit College Students Of Color - Go Away!

By Jeff Simpson

We have covered Diane Hendricks numerous times here at CogDis.  She is the widow of Ken Hendricks of ABC Supply company in Beloit and one of the richest women in the world.  Ms. Hendricks is also a Trustee at Beloit College and also one of the top GOP funders in Wisconsin,.  Ms. Hendricks was also VP of the Trump victory fund.

I was adamant that having Ms, Hendricks serve on both, was incredibly bad for Beloit College's reputation around the world.

Diane Hendricks recently added another title to her resume - Nazi Sympathizer!

Last weekend, in Charlottesville, VA, an empowered far right wing full of Nazis, and white supremacists, grabbed their tiki torches and marched on the city screaming hate!    

While it turned the stomachs of most sane Americans, and many business people and community leaders started distancing themselves from these sickening events.

However it was pretty much widely accepted that the completely failed the humanity test, was elected Republicans.   From The Donald on down, no leaders stepped up in the Republican party to say - hey that is not who we are or what we want to be!    Most just ran from the questions.

With the outrage and disgust, still white hot among the country, The Donald tried to do damage control.   No not the kind where he truly denounced this hate, but the kind where he made sure the billionaires would still hand him unlimited money.    

Among this select group of far far right billionaires was Beloit, Wisconsin's own Diane Hendricks.   Ms. Hendricks let The Donald know that no amount of Nazi's and white supremacists would stop her from donating to the cause.

Of course we know the cause being, less taxes and regulations for billionaires and no chance of the working class to ever organize of stand up for themselves.

All for me, none for thee!

Ms. Hendricks, who lives in a city with approximately 25% people of color, let it be known that she sympathizes with the white power marchers!  

This is what she told The Donald was OK!  They might as well be giving free rein to David Duke.  

On August 21st, Beloit College welcomes its newest freshman class to town.   Maybe this is the video that their most famous Trustee might as well have helped produce this video:

Welcome to Beloit my white friends, the rest of you watch your step.

It is sad what has happened to America, it is even sadder to me that my College overlooks hate for the almighty dollar!

If you want to voice your displeasure that a Trustee of Beloit College is a Nazi sympathizer, here is the contact info:

Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Beloit College
700 College Street
Beloit, WI 53511
Toll-free Phone: 800-331-4943
Local Phone: 608-363-2656
FAX: 608-363-2459
Planned Giving:


  1. please learn this: it's free REIN (as in horse control) not Free REIGN

  2. This whole article is total BULLSHIT you should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope Diane files suit against trash like you that would print lies and intentionally deface her character. People that write nonsense like this is exactly what is wrong with this country. What is really sad is how you attack someone who helped start a company up from nothing that had tremendous success. Its truly sad that people are criticized for working hard and making something of themselves.

    1. I missed where anyone attacked her for starting her company or "working hard" .....would love to see you tell me where the lies are ...

    2. Typical white in 2017. Victim card.