Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Well, I was supposed to be up at the northern castle, even has I write this, to quietly commemorate what would be my grandfather's 96th birthday.

But, not one, but two water main breaks within a few blocks of my home, my father's desperate, all of a sudden need to finally have his TV become digital ready so that he can go back to watching his VCY-TV, and a snowstorm has prevented that from happening.

Oh, well. It's not all bad.

You get to enjoy more of my enlightening and/or humorous, but always entertaining musings.

And my povitica arrived today. Povitica is an old world swirled bread dessert. My grandmother used to make it, and it was one of my grandfather's favorites. It was one of the few times he's allow himself to eat something sweet (he was borderline diabetic). When she passed on some 22 years ago, I thought that was the end of that delicacy for me.

However, a few years ago, my dad noticed an ad in the Sunday paper for povitica. It is even better than Grandma's. The first time we gave some to Grandpa to try, he almost cried for the joy of having it again.

So now before I wander off to bed, I'll think I'll have a slice for him.

Here's to you, Nonno.


  1. you can't just say your povitica arrived today and not tell us what flavor. Sheesh.

  2. Well, have some for me too. I'm really hungry! :)

  3. The English Walnut is the one we have, and it is the traditional type. I've tried the apple one and it is good, but just doesn't have the same sentimental value.