Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey, You Bloggers Out There

As you already know, I am, among my 1,001 responsibilities, also the Wisconsin editor for

BNN has redone their format, although it still needs some tweaking. Some of the highlights for the new outlay is explained by the BNN Editor Dave Mastio. These include:
The best news is that someday, I might even receive a pittance, and even have some authority, for once. (However, I keep getting told the check is in the mail and I still don't know what I'm doing half the time.)

I'll be working today and next weekend to clean up the directory, trying to clear out the dead blogs and add the new one.

To make the job more manageable, I could use your help. Please check the directory to see if I have your blog (or in the cases like Lance Burri and me, all of your blogs) are listed.

If they are, great! Tell Dave Mastio what a good job I'm doing, and that he should get me some money. :)

If your site(s) is/are not listed, just fill out this form, and I'll get you on right away. Then let Dave Mastio know what a good job I'm doing, and that he should give me some money. :)

Please keep in mind that I don't care if it's liberal or conservative. The only requirements to join is your blog is:
  • Political in nature, although not all the post have to be political
  • Based in Wisconsin, and deal with local or state topics as well as national topics
  • Been around for at least 90 days
If there are any questions, just email me at If it's about telling Dave to give me money, I'll be sure to forward it.


  1. Thanks for all the work you are doing. My last email should have included information on how to get at least some money flowing for the work you put in. If you don't have it, I'll send again later today.

  2. capper, I just looooooove your work!

  3. Zach,

    My scribblings only pale compared to your sage words.