Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Smell A Weasel

JSOnline is reporting that Scott Walker has chosen not to file an electronic campaign finance report with the state. Instead, he has filed a 247-page hard copy of the report with the County Election Commission. To get a copy, it will cost almost $50. (I called. It's 20 cents a page. Anyone want to chip in?)

This only serves to be a deterrence to anyone that wants to review his statement. It also flies in the face of all the garbage he was spewing about being interested in transparency in government.

The impeccable James Rowen smells a rat. I think it smells more like a weasel.

What is equally, and maybe even more disturbing is that MJS is also reporting that they have a copy of the electronic report, but they don't have it anywhere on their website. Perhaps they are waiting to go over it themselves first, before making it available. That would be understandable. However, if they don't post it, especially in light of all of their "Data on Demand" links, that would make me even more suspicious.

Either way, I think I will be getting a copy of the actual thing myself. MJS has been known to be less than completely forthcoming when it comes to Walker.


  1. If Walker runs for governor, he will beat Doyle. Most republicans would struggle to beat Doyle on level ground because they lose Madison and Milwaukee, which are dense liberal areas. However, Walker continues to win Milwaukee County, which suggests that Doyle is more vulnerable to Walker than any other republican candidate.

  2. It's 2009, can't they scan it?

    Anon - that's a plausible scenario, but I think it depends on what other races are on the ballot and whether Walker even gets the GOP nomination. Mark Neumann is rumored to be running, too. I also think it depends on when the county budget issues finally blow up. Next year's budget is not going to be pretty.

  3. Walker would need the support of in-state Republicans. He lacks that, which is why he has to go to D.C. and the special interests.

    Also, the vast majority of people living outside of SE WI don't like Milwaukee and will never vote for someone from Milwaukee.

    I see it being Doyle vs. Neumann.

  4. Walker continues to win Milwaukee County as a nonpartisan elected official without an "R" or "D" next to his name anon.

    Once that small letter goes on the ballot along with his name, Milwaukee County won't seem quite so supportive.

  5. Heck, I'll pay for the whole thing.

  6. A rat a weasel. Which is it? And what kind of sniffer do you have that can weed out rodents so well?


  7. Dan,

    I think after 6 years, the voters know that Walker is a Republican. But nice try.

  8. WW, I think he's a weasel rat.

    Or is a rat weasel. Oh well, either way works.

    With a schnozz as big as mine, you'd be surprised what I could ferret out.

    Get it? Weasel, rat, ferret? Oh, never mind.

  9. Hello Capper

    Yeah I'll kick in a few Pesos and then we'll scan and put the whole damn thing on the web site


  10. Personally, I think that Walker's toughest battle will be the primary. If he survives the primary, I think he will be the republicans' best bet against Doyle.

  11. Dave, I've got the money too, but not the time. Let's talk.

    Anony 10:05,

    If Walker is the Repubs best chance, get ready for a third Doyle term. But as you point out, Walker will be lucky to make it through the primary.

  12. Walker's comment on the filing was that 'there are some problems at GAB' which prevented the e-filing.

    That's the outfit which spent $2million to get a picture of Minneapolis on its e-masthead, no?

    And isn't the "non-conforming" report exactly the one that Doylie used last go-round?

    Walker's just taking lessons from your Master Deceptionist, Cap.

  13. Dad, His treasurer also said he got tired of doing his job. Furthermore, other people have been able to work with that overpriced website.

    And why hasn't MJS posted it on their website? They claim they have the electronic version, and they claim to be for open government. You know damn well that if Walker was a Democrat, they would have printed the whole thing and gave the papers away.

  14. Here's a novel thought.....why not get rid of the little letters behind folks' names, and elect the person who would do the best job for the state? I know, I know.... very naive of me. sigh...

  15. It would be a worthy goal someday, wouldn't it?

    Sigh, indeed.

  16. I'm afraid both sides are too entrenched in the letters game. Just because there's a D, doesn't automatically mean the candidate is a moonbat. Not, just because there's an R, are they neocons. And truth be told....right now...NONE of 'em worth spit.