Wednesday, February 25, 2009

State of Being Status

Several weeks ago, Governor Jim Doyle gave his State of the State address which pretty well limned out the situation, which is bleak, to say the least. He more recently presented a budget proposal intended to fix the dire situation. Both of these event sent the Posse Comatose into the predictable fits of apoplexy. Some have yet to recover from their snits.

Today, Mayor Tom Barrett gave his State of the City address. As with Doyle, he laid things out in a clear manner, and gave sight to his vision on how to take the city forward.

Yesterday, President Obama also gave a speech outlining the seriousness of the economic crisis the country is facing. He also gave inspiration to the country on his plan on how to repair the damage done by eight years of BushCheney. This, of course, put the Posse Comatose back into Conniption City, although they have yet to offer their solution, except for the same old same old, which led us into this mess in the first place.

We are still waiting to learn the State of the County.

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