Monday, February 23, 2009

MJS Did Not Choose Wisely

A month and a half ago, I half-seriously considered applying for the reader advisory panel that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had said they were taking applications for.

After some days of thought, I went ahead and did it.

I got the form email today saying my application was rejected.

I'm not too heartbroken about it though. After all, I have not shown them much mercy, especially to their resident propagandist when I am writing over at one of them other sites.

But even though they rejected me, (I bet that Paddy is still saying prayers of thanks), it's OK. Being the liberal type of guy that I am, I'll still give them tons of advise from right here. For free even.

But those kinds of decisions do explain stories like this one.

In other words, their loss, your gain.


  1. Get over yourself. You're not that good at what you do. Your blogs are hastily put together, often repetitive, and somewhat egotistical as you are one of a few people that refer to your own writings as reference points.

  2. Lighten up, Francis. That was done tongue in cheek. I did not really expect to get chosen, so I'm not really upset.

  3. Just saying . . . :-)

  4. Capper,

    Seriously: Big ups to you for even applying. It's more than I've ever done (journalistically speaking). Other than poke my two index fingers at a laptop occaisionally.

    Again, props to you.