Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mayoral Candidate Would Punish The Elderly, The Disabled And The Poor

With the previous perverted mayor, Gary Becker, resigned, it opened the door for all sorts of people to run for the open seat.

So far there is something like eight people that are in contention for the mayor's office. But the candidate that is taking a far lead for giving reasons why they should NOT be mayor is Jody Harding.

As many of my fellow liberal bloggers have called her out on, Ms. Harding believes that anyone who is receiving any kind of public assistance money, outside of Social Security, should be banned from having the right to vote.

This would include elderly people receiving Family Care, the disabled who receive benefits, the working poor, the underemployed that might need some help with food stamps or heating assistance, and so on.

In other words, if you're poor, you're no better than a felon.

To make it even more mind-boggling, Kay at Blue Racine found a video interview where she says she would make it easier for people to access these services that she said she would take their right to vote away for using.

I can't wait to see her slogan. It must be something like: Jody Harding, making it easier for you to lose your rights.

The ironic thing is that the right, who is all big on the Constitution for rights that include guns, and will verbally beat me up for condoning common courtesy, haven't said a word about this. I guess some rights are more right than others.


  1. Now don't get that broad brush out. She's completely wrong on that score. Idf she truly believes that, I couldn't vote for her if I lived where she was running.

  2. Glad to hear it Bill. There's hope for you yet. :)

  3. The moment she moves to Waukesha I plan to write about her. Deal?

    Seriously, I think it's a stupid game to criticize people for what they don't write, especially when it's small crap like this. There's just not enough time in the day and too many topics.

  4. Psst, James, the gun comment should have cued you that it wasn't directed at you, but your alter ego, Owen. But thanks for reading.