Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Momma Always Said...

From Pundit Kitchen:

They seem to be more like mine than this guy's ever would be.


  1. Well, considering he is asleep, i think he is just too tired for the job.
    The shoe also shows me that he has no clue how to buy shoes. Maybe Obama nd Al Bundy can get together.

  2. Asleep?

    Time to get your eyes checked, boyo. He is on the phone, talking and reading. All at the same time. Which is more than our former leader, who couldn't eat a pretzel without nearly killing himself, could do. Even one at a time.

    You're just jealous of a working President.

  3. This seems to be a somewhat staged campaign photo? Can anyone provide some context?

    FYI: I tried to search myself on and my puter locks up every time :(

  4. Rich, I don't know where the original photo came from.

    As for PK, they do have a lot of ads, so that could be the problem. Especially if you're using IE.

  5. They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

    1. His suit is new, which suggests that his worn out shoes belong to someone else.

    2. He's reading when he's supposed to be listening, which suggests a lack of interest with the opinions of others.

    3. He has his feet up on a table at the workplace, which suggests he doesn't respect the property of others.

  6. 1)He doesn't walk on his suit.

    2)He can mulitask.

    3)He has a laid-back, self-confident style. Both very good qualities.