Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Walker's Hypocrisy: On The Road Again

As I wrote the previous post about the financial crisis that Milwaukee County is in, I linked to a press release from Scott Walker. In this press release, he is congratulating a company from up north on landing a contract with the U.S. Navy. The release ends with this tidbit:
Marinette is one of the stops on the upcoming 6th Annual Executives’ Ride in June, with a stop at the shipyard planned for the riders. The motorcycle ride, to be lead by Walker from June 21 –June 25, touts Milwaukee County tourism and business.
What the ...?

I couldn't believe it. The County, under Walker's "leadership," is facing a financial crisis so severe that there is the possibility that the state could intervene and take over the entire county, and he is going to use tax dollars for a bike ride? Sure enough, a quick Google shows that he even is using county resources to promote the event.

The real hypocrisy kicks in when one remembers that just a couple of months ago, Walker said that he found it "mind-boggling" that County Board Supervisors would use a few thousand dollars to go to Washington D.C. to conduct county business during Obama's inauguration

The argument against the supervisors is that they spent the county money for the personal satisfaction of being able to attend the inauguration. However, the last time Walker was running for governor, he went on his bike ride and spent over $19,000 of our tax money in just giveaways, in what was questioned as being actually part of his gubernatorial campaign.

Given the current financial crisis that the county his facing, in no small part due to him, I fully expect Walker to cancel the bike ride this year.

And given the tenacity that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice gave to the Supervisor's trip, I would expect much more coverage of Walker's hypocritical campaign ride at taxpayer's expense.


  1. Were this a legitimate "promote MKE" event, it may...MAY be OK (though given the financial crises we're in, you're right that even that may render it a questionable use of resources).

    But there is no doubt that this is simply a "Scooter for Guv" campaign visibility event. Which renders it dubious at best, fraudulent at worst.

  2. Adding..yeah, yeah, I know he hasn't legally declared for guv yet, which makes the fraud impossible to prosecute by the letter of the law. But let's not kid ourselves - Walker declared his candidacy for guv the day he was born. His entire career has been built around his ambition to run a statewide privatization fiefdom.

  3. Wow what an opportunity Mom and Dad lets all go to Milwaukee where County Exec Walker is from. We do not need Disneyland. We can goto Milwaukee county and ride along on College Avenue where the road is so rough you'll loose a filling from your tooth riding it. College avenue is better than Disney's roller coaster because you really do take your life in your hand.
    Daddy I want to see the overgrown untended parks that have bare earthen mounds where the flower gardens used to be and free roaming homeless people from the old Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex That were discharged with no where to go.
    Honey I hear that there are a lot of old county workers living out on the county grounds that lost their "living wage" jobs to minimum wage workers who live there with them in a little tent city. Honey that Walker is so clever keeping all the old county workers living with the new temp- service contract workers because they can collaborate on how the new workers can do the old county workers jobs.
    Maybe thats what Walker is going to sell Milwaukee county as when he goes on his Harly ride. A theme park filled with his ...

    Dave From Milwaukee signup to help today.

  4. Here's how to put the kabash on this waste of tax money. Apparently you can sign up to ride along. So, why doesn't someone go along. Have your tough leather jacket say "Visit Milwaukee -- Before Scott Walker lets it disintegrate further." Then see if they allow you to come along. Their partisan intent will become obvious.