Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Walker's Interesting Time Management Skills

Bruce Murphy, the editor of Milwaukee Magazine, had his weekly column out yesterday, which was less than complementary to Scott Walker.

Walker responded in the comments section. His comment was nothing more than a copy and paste of his editorial that appeared in the Washington Post a few weeks ago, which I had thoroughly debunked at the time. That's not the interesting part.

The interesting part is that Walker left his comments at 3:30 in the afternoon, on a Wednesday. Wasn't he supposed to be doing something, like working for the taxpayers, instead of pasting his campaign speech on an editorial column?

It makes one wonder if he was on the clock a the time, and if he used County space or County equipment when doing this.

But then again, it would be nothing new. He has often emailed Sykes during County hours, even to complain about people who note that he is emailing Sykes a lot.

I guess that this is just part of some training he got from Kevin Fischer on creative time management.


  1. Tried posting this at the article, but got denied for unknown reasons...

    A sales tax holiday, besides the fact that it would be against the rules of the stimulus spending, would be pointless. It amounts to a 5.6% sale. Are people really going to open up the wallet for that measly of a discount? And how would our existing problems get fixed?

    As for Walker's fiscal responsibility, in what way is his Pension Obligation Bonding plan fiscally responsible? Does he honestly expect an 8% return in this market? I question how responsible it is to propose this against voters wishes when it already failed in a referendum in 2005.

    Scott Walker has proven himself to be nothing more than a political hack. His inane decision to make Milwaukee County into a political bargaining chip (to the county's detriment) in his gubernatorial campaign is outright shameful.

  2. I had the same problem with their site.

    Stay tuned, it only gets worse.

  3. capper, capper, capper. You're leaving something very important out of your logic: Scooter hates government, and he hates governing (which is why him in CHARGE of government?!?!). So he therefore has nothing better to do with his time than writing love letters to radio comedians and troll the internets machine.