Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well, That's Working Out Well

A few weeks ago, Wisconsin's minimum mark up law was overturned. Some people would have us believe that this will save us lots and lots of money.

That's an odd assertion to make, considering that the corner Speedway/Superamerica just jumped 20 cents a gallon.

But you won't hear any conservatives complaining about it. In reality, they don' t care if you can't keep your money, as long as it goes to the right kind of people.


  1. Wait till you see how much that price jumps after ThreeCardMonte Doyle's "excess profits" tax goes into effect.

    Oh yeah--by the way--remember that the price/bbl has a lot to do with the price/gallon.

    Next time, check the price of petroleum on the CBOE...

  2. At least that money will go to better use than buy some slob a multi-K shower curtain.