Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MJS Now Going A La Carte

For those of you that, like me, still subscribe to the hard copy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel already know that they tried to phase out the TV Cue section of the Sunday paper. First they pared it down from all the extras to just the TV guide. Then the paper made subscribers to call and tell them that they still wanted to receive the guide, even though they had already paid for it.

Now they have had a special fly attached to the TV Cue which shows that the paper is worth even less than ever before.

After a little bit of touting on how they restored the parts that they took away in the first place, they have this little bit of news:
Like what you see? Keep getting it in 2010 for only 25 cents per week.*

*This small increase will be reflected in your next billing statement.

The new and improved TV Cue will be provided free-of-charge to current TV Cue subscribers for the remainder of 2009. Beginning January 3, 2010, you will continue to receive TV Cue for just an additional 25 cents per week. No longer want TV Cue? Call (800) 759-NEWS (6397) or go online to www.jsonline/tvcue before December 28, 2009.
So, for a section that is only slightly less confusing and slightly less inaccurate than Patrick McIlheran on the subject of climate change, and something for which you've already paid, they now want to charge you extra.

I wonder how much they would charge for agenda-free investigative journalism, hold the PaddyMac.

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  1. I would like to give the JS credit for the series on Afghanistan they are printing now. I happened to have access to the actual paper for a couple days and the pictures are really good. The stories are a but rah-rah America for my taste, but good reading nonetheless.
    Long story short, this is just one more example of why papers are going to die, no matter how much I like reading actual print.
    And reading P-Mac...I'm probably just some extract or result of the liberal media and its hatred of America but that guy is ridiculous. Accusations based on slivers of truth and quarters of misinterpretation of fact do not make for legitimate arguments.