Monday, December 14, 2009

Walker Impersonates Courthouse Toilet

There is more spillover from Walker Toiletgate.

JSOnline has finally heard from Aprahamian, and it was revealed that the donation and the RFP came only a month apart. This only confirms the violation of the ethics code.

Cory Liebmann posted that this is not the first time Walker has crossed this line, but regularly dances beyond it with total disregard for ethics. Cory forgot to add Walker's problem with accurately reporting Lear jet rides and his dealings with Air Tran.

But the most damning to Walker is that Channel 12, who first broke the story last Friday, did a follow up today. The toilet is still unusable.

Walker tries to again blame the workers. Again, the fact is, like so many other programs, what we are seeing is the results of his continuous cutting of staff to the point where the work can't be done anymore.

Walker then tells Channel 12 some bad advice:
Walker had previously suggested critics check out the county's Health and Human Services Center, where a private company has cleaned for years.
Two problems. I work in that building, and we are on are third or fourth company in so many years. We still can't get things like toilet paper or soap stocked on a consistent basis.

Secondly, the Coggs Building was already discussed by Supervisor Peggy West in yesterday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article:

Supervisor Peggy West said it was unfair that the board was shut out of details about the custodial services outsourcing. She said poor quality cleaning of the county's Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center, 1220 W. Vliet St., by another private service demonstrated the folly of outsourcing the task.

She called the Coggs Center "disgusting. It's gross, it's not sanitary," she said.

It seems like Walker is very much like the courthouse toilet. They are both full of **it, and it does not appear that this status will change any time soon.


  1. " This only confirms the violation of the ethics code."

    Um, not to get all facty and stuff, but how?

    The ethics code says no contribution can be made while the contract is under consideration:

    "Contract or proposal consideration shall begin when a contract or proposal is submitted directly to a county department or to an agency funded or regulated by a county department..."

    The contibution was made a month before the RFP was even issued. My understanding of the space-time continuum is rather elementary, but it seems that a contibution made before an RFP was issued cannot possibly be made at the same time proposals for that RFP are under consideration.

    Would you care to elaborate on the apparent time vortex that exists at the Courthouse about which only you are aware?

    By all means follow through with questions and open records requests. If you find evidence Walker pressured a department head or member of the RFP evaluation committee, then you'll have a story.

    Otherwise, comments like this are the very reason you have little to no credibility. Do you understand why that is?

  2. skippy runs around telling everyone how he doen't raise taxes and people believe his bull----. the parks,transit,courthouse,etc. are falling apart but the county portion of your property taxes goes down five bucks big friggin he goes ahead and fires employees so a friends' company can do the same job some of these people have done for many years. this guy is a joke and the sooner people see him for what he is the better.skippy is a joke.

  3. ATV-

    Sorry, I don't like insulting my readers by repeating everything everyday like a talk radio host.

    If you would recall, as I have mentioned before, Walker's department heads turned in their recommended budgets on June 1, which was before the donation or the formal RFP.

    As for whether Walker put pressure on the interim department head, that should go without saying, since it has been established that Walker runs an "executhug" type of operation.

    Besides, the Code does not require proof of influencing department heads. It simply refers to money or other goods being given to someone in a decision-making position around the time potential contracts are being considered. That was violated, or don't you understand that simple fact.

  4. LOL. Budget proposals are not the same thing as letting RFPs.

    There is no violation under the code you've quoted. It's that simple.

  5. Didn't you ever play connect-the-dots when you were a kid? The budget proposal includes the privatization. Considering how much Aprahamian has a long history of schmoozing with conservative candidates, it is not a leap of logic to think he might have been informed before hand. Or if he is even slightly intelligent, he could easily have figured it out all by himself.

    Either way, the allegations is still plausible.