Saturday, December 19, 2009

State Pols Respond (Or Not) To Carp Threat

The Asian carp is on its way to the Great Lakes. If it makes it to Lake Michigan, the cost to business will be in the tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars to Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada and any other area bordering the Great Lakes.

The Army Corps of Engineers had put up an electric fence, but it is no good. The authorities have poisoned the canal that the carp are using to go from the Mississippi, but this will only be a temporary stop gap measure.

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen recently announced that he was going to join his Michigan counterpart in seeking answers. Apparently Van Hollen has caught all those terrorists lurking in northern Wisconsin, or he just figures these are al-Carpa.

But either way, he is way behind the game. City of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has been calling for the canal to be closed permanently for weeks now. He recognizes the ecological and the economic disaster that would come if the carp make it to Lake Michigan.

His projected (by some) opponent, Scott Walker, has had nothing to say about the carp invasion. He is apparently too busy taking kickbacks campaign donations that just *wink, wink* coincidentally come at the same time jobs are being outsourced. and attending high priced fund raisers to actually take a moment to worry about the economy or the ecology.

It's pretty clear where each candidates thoughts are. Barrett's is on the best interest of the state, Walker's is on his wallet.

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