Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Stimulating! Walker Throws Sykes, Self Under The Stimulus Bus

For the umpteenth million time, Scott Walker has reversed himself on the stimulus funding in a piece he (or more likely, one of his interns) wrote for BizTimes.com.

This time, Walker is bragging about using the stimulus funding that he has flip-flopped on so many times, in order to create jobs and to fix some of the great damage his years of negligence has caused to Milwaukee County's infrastructure.

Unfortunately, Walker forgot to thank the County Board who had the fortitude to override Walker's political grandstanding and myopia and pass a resolution that allowed the County to pursue all the stimulus dollars it was eligible for, whether Walker liked it or not. They also kindly pointed out that you just did not and still do not have the authority to put any conditions on whether the stimulus dollars could be pursued.

Thank goodness they were smart enough not to listen to you then.

Then again, weasel speak is nothing new for you.

But the sweetest part of Walker's editorial was not that he again highlights his hypocrisy by once again flip-flopping on the stimulus.

The best part is just the simple fact that in the BizTimes.com piece, he is bragging about how the stimulus dollars will be creating jobs. He must not have realized that this throws his two biggest supporters under the bus, both of whom have been adamant that the stimulus would create no new jobs.

Those two supporters with bus tracks on them are Charlie Sykes and Scott Walker himself.

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