Thursday, October 1, 2015

Feingold Widens Lead Over RoJoWho, Walker Sinks Even Lower

The most recent Marquette University Poll came out Wednesday and it's not good news for the Republicans - the people are starting to wake up.

The biggest news is that Russ Feingold expanded his lead over RoJoWho, the unknown senator:
Feingold is up 50 percent to Johnson's 36 percent, in the poll conducted Sept. 24-28.

That's close to the margin shown in April, about a month before Feingold officially announced his candidacy. Feingold then led Johnson 54-38 percent.

Last month, the race tightened slightly, with Feingold still in the lead carrying 47 percent to Johnson's 42 percent.
Pollsters are saying the numbers are bouncing around because they don't know either candidate, despite the fact that Feingold had been a senator for 18 years and RoJoWho for six. I would think the jump is more likely because that now that Scott Walker dropped his doomed presidential bid, and is no longer getting a flood of coverage, people are starting to pay more attention to these other races.

And speaking of Walker, he continues to sink in the polls, dropping from 39% to 37% in just a month:
Gov. Scott Walker's approval ratings took a sharp hit during his short-lived presidential campaign. A little more than a week after exiting the race, he still has a way to go to repair his image with Wisconsin voters.

Walker's approval rating among Wisconsinites is 37 percent, according to a Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday. The poll is the first since Walker ended his presidential campaign on Sept. 21, conducted Sept. 24-28.

That's a slight decrease from last month, when his approval dipped below 40 percent for the first time in the poll's history. In the only Marquette poll conducted during Walker's official candidacy, Walker's approval rating was 39 percent among Wisconsin voters in the poll released Aug. 20.
Even more significant is the fact that 62% of Wisconsinites are over Walker and don't want him to run again while only 35% would support another run. That comes to just the base Republican core who would vote for a rancid potato as long as it had an (R) after its name.

As for the rest of the GOP clown car, Trump took over the driver's seat in Wisconsin, despite Walker's pointed pleas for other Republicans to drop out so that they can beat Trump.

And while Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 12 points, both Clinton and Sanders destroy the Republicans in a head to head match up:
When including voters' first and second choices, Biden bumps ahead of Sanders into second place. By that measure, Clinton has 69%, Biden 55% and Sanders 51%.

In head-to-head matchups, Clinton leads the best rated Republicans, beating Bush 50%-38%, Rubio 48%-40% and Trump 50%-36%.
It's nice to see that Walker's run for the presidency is starting to pay off by dragging the rest of the Republicans down with him. It's about time Walker did even one useful thing.

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