Monday, October 5, 2015

Great Scott Walker Quotes

By Jeff Simpson

I found this fun website recently which is a tribute to our very own former Governor, Scott Walker. I am not sure if Mike Huebsch or Cindy Archer are the creators and administrators of the website but one of them has to be.

They count down the Top Ten great quotes from Scott Walker.   Here is a sampling:


"I hate big Government, " says Scott Walker who ordered his personal police force to arrest anyone who sang or held a sign inside the publicly funded Capitol building.  These illegal and Unconstitutional actions just cost the taxpayers over $245,000 in legal fees.

"I really hate Government that does not work." says Scott Walker, who spent 1 day in Wisconsin in July(for our friends at RightWisconsin, there are 31 days in July).

" So when they say we either have to raise taxes or cut services, it's actually a false choice." says the Governor who has to delay major road work projects in Wisconsin because we do not have the money, thus costing Wisconsin taxpayers over $160 Million wasted dollars.

But wait there is more!

Tues 1 Scott Walker key to success how many people

Says the Governor who was Chairman of the Board of his signature "jobs"agency, where he gave out hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to donors and received little to nothing in return.

Those are definitely some great quotes, but more along the lines of why he crashed and burned in his miserable attempt to be the next President of the US, not in terms of his poorly perceived competence as a legislator/Governor.

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  1. Sums it up perfectly. The dimwits in RW bubble world might not get this, but ACTIONS AND RESULTS > cheap poser talk.

    The rest of the nation figured it out. How many more job losses does it take for the rest of this state to get it?