Monday, October 5, 2015

Bob Gannon Knows (Nothing)

By Jeff Simpson

In the wake of yet another horrible mass shooting tragedy, where the shooter claimed nine victims and injured many others, it brought many people on both sides of the gun control debate out of the woodwork to offer their opinions.  

One that stands out is Wisconsin State Rep. Bob Gannon (R-no one has ever heard of before), who posted this on his "official" facebook page.

Bob Gannon
October 2 at 8:48am

Real Gun Control
In the wake of the recent shootings at a junior college in Oregon, President Obama quickly stood at the podium and proclaimed that this is the fault of the N.R.A., and that we need stricter gun control legislation.
What Obama ignored was the testimony of the students and educators at the school that they were defenseless in this incident as the school was a “gun free” zone. This means that only criminals will possess personal protection at these locations, and the law abiding citizen is an easy target.Last week I joined other legislators at Yellowstone Lake State Park and took part in shooting sports at their beautiful firing range. This fantastic facility was built in conjunction with the Wisconsin D.N.R., a local shooting club, and that group the president blames for every gun toting criminal operating in our country, the N.R.A.
Rep. Gannon states that, “Yes, the group that the president blames every time something bad happens with a firearm is actually the group advocating and investing their dollars to train others in the safe usage of firearms.
Real gun control comes from a solid stance, a confident grip, and hours of practice preparing yourself in the event you’re put into a situation where a person with evil intents needs to be stopped. With practice, and less gun free zones, America will be a safer place”.

Raise your hand if this next sentence surprises you.  Bob Gannon has his facts completely wrong and has no idea what he is talking about.

But not only was UCC not a gun free zone by law, there were also people who brought guns onto campus at the time of the massacre.
John Parker Jr., a veteran and student at UCC, spoke with MSNBC and revealed that he was in a campus building with a concealed handgun when the shooting started. He suggested other students with him at the time were also carrying concealed handguns.

Oops....I am sure that Mr. Gannon, realizing that he was completely wrong in trying to make his right wing political, I love guns point, when the error of his statement was pointed out to him, he apologized and corrected it.  

Wisconsin Rep. Bob Gannon (R-Slinger) said that he had based his statements on media accounts and the student handbook of Umpqua Community College, which he said discouraged students from carrying firearms.
"The first media reports made it that it was a gun-free zone," Gannon said. "So drop it, that's not the story."

Don't bother Bob Gannon, Bob Gannon knows what he knows and NO amount of those silly facts will ever get in the way of what he knows.

Besides as he says, while making light of the deaths of these college students:

Real gun control comes from a solid stance, a confident grip, and hours of practice preparing yourself in the event you’re put into a situation where a person with evil intents needs to be stopped. With practice, and less gun free zones, America will be a safer place”. 

Luckily, for those of us, who do not live in the West Bend area, we can actually use Google to fact check his statements.  

As a matter of fact, just recently in Houston, some poor guy without a gun, was being car jacked at a gas station.  Luckily for him, a nearby "Good Samaritan" with a gun, decided to get involved and promptly shot the victim in the head.  

Houston police responded to a shooting call around 11:15 p.m. Saturday at a Valero gas station on Jensen Drive at Reid Street in north Houston. Officials say two men jumped another man in the gas station parking lot and took the victim's Chevrolet pickup truck. Police say a witness then pulled out a gun and began shooting at the suspects, accidentally hitting the carjacking victim in the head.
We all know how proud of this "Good Samaritan" we are, so I hope he stayed around to get his just rewards for being such a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment....

 The victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he remains in stable condition. Police say the witness who shot at the suspects picked up shell casings and left the scene.

No thanks allowed, and not only does he hate crime he apparently also hates pollution.  What an heroic young man.

As readers of our blog know, but wait there is more.

As we see in a dateline investigation, after hours of training, the people being trained to only shoot the "bad guy" when being put in controlled, live experiments, were so nervous they could not unholster their gun and even shot the wrong people(again).

I guess maybe Bon Gannon needs to add a couple more steps to his regiment, on how he is going to protect the people of the great state of Wisconsin with his gun.

* solid stance
* a confident grip
* hours of practice 
* Open your eyes 
* Do not Pee your pants.   

As always, sometimes life(and elected reps like Bon Gannon) are so ridiculous all you can do is make fun of them.   No one does that better than a comedian.  

I do not think that Bob Gannon was purposefully lying, when he made this statement(although keeping it up on his facebook page and not apologizing are inexcusable), but he definitely takes the cake for ignorance.   Mr. Gannon brags about being a twin to Glenn Grothman.

Had an hour long meeting with Glenn Grothman today, following his public comments at Commerce State Bank. Glenn and I are two peas in pod when it comes to policy & politics. 
We NEED to do better than to keep electing anti intellectuals like Mr. Gannon.  

Here is Mr. Gannon, fresh off of putting all of his great ideas, from having such a strong grasp of the issues, in the trunk of his new red sports car.


  1. Can't wait until the time comes when those of us, who are too old, or with poor vision or disabled or too young, can't pose with a gun in a firm grip and a strong stance and are considered expendable in this new age civil war or are we already ?

  2. I had the misfortune of e-mailing Mr. Gannon about his news release on the mass shooting and his chastising President Obama for his pleas for gun control laws and of having gun free zones. I suggested to Mr. Gannon that we have more guns per capita than any other country and that Gannon 's call for more guns and more concealed carry was not the answer and perhaps we could learn from other countries a way to stop these mass killing events. An aide must have asked Mr. Gannon how to respond as this is the reply I received: "JUST DELETE IT AS HE RAMBLES ON."...b g Obviously the aide must have taken him literally and sent me the response under the initials b g. I thanked Mr. Gannon for his response and said that I hoped all legislators had a little more common courtesy when responding to taxpayers who pay their salary but might hold differing views on issues. I suggested that he must represent a very secure Gerrymandered district that he felt so comfortable insulting a voter!