Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grothmann: Planned Parenthood Unnecessary Because I'm A Guy

Just when you thought that when Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothmann couldn't get any more misogynous that when he said that pay inequality was all in the pretty little heads of women, he reaches down and gets even more stupid.

From Right Wing Watch:
Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wisc., perhaps best encapsulated today’s House hearing grilling Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards when he told Richards that her organization’s services aren’t necessary because “as a guy” he has plenty of health care options in his home state.

Grothman, who presumably receives very good health insurance through his job as a member of Congress, told Richards that “when I look at cities around me that have a Planned Parenthood clinic … usually in those cities, as a guy, I could go to many clinics locally that have all the machines that one would need, all these clinics as far as I know take Medicaid dollars, so you could go to any of those clinics to get any medical service you could.”

“I guess what I’m getting at is if Planned Parenthood disappeared tomorrow in those towns, there would still be three or four or five clinics or hospitals providing all the … medical care you would want,” he said.
Grothman went on to add that Medicaid was better than private insurance because it doesn't have the copays and deductibles that private insurance has (even though Medicaid does have copays).

While I'm sure we are all happy that Grothman isn't pregnant and doesn't need the services of Planned Parenthood, he may still want to get some professional medical attention to get his foot out of his mouth and his head out of his ass.


  1. "...and his ____ out of his ass."

    Proofread, please. The writing has been getting quite sloppy here in recent weeks. Multiple errors in this. It diminishes the message, and kills the zinger at the end.

    Otherwise, this is a great blog!

  2. It;s true that as a gay man who has spent most of his adult life living in his parent’s basement, Grothman doesn’t have much use for PP. but glen, I I wouldn’t turn down the free condoms and Trichloroacetic treatments...

  3. He was PO Box rep/legislator in WI, like many are now-a-days. He also did really live in his parents basement until he was elected to congress. He also was notorious for stealing tips from bars in Madison. He would state, "It's on the bar for anyone to use" and would pocket the money and continue to try and interrupt Democrats who were conversing while noting their conversations on a napkin or notepad.