Thursday, October 29, 2015

Republican Fantasy Land

By Jeff Simpson

While Rachel Campos Duffy feels that "political correctness" is a major problem in this country today, I believe that what might be our biggest problem in America today is how divorced from reality Republicans are.  

We all know that Ms. Duffy's husband and fellow "MTV Real World" contestant Sean, is worried because he only makes $174,000/yr. while the average salary in WI is $50,809/yr (less than a third of Duffy's).

Nationally,  Presidential would be contender and Junior Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio has come right out and said that he likes campaigning and wants to be paid his Senator's salary, but has no interest in doing any work to earn his salary.     What soured Rubio on public service?   He wanted to push a bill that made it easier to fire government workers who did not do their job, but it was blocked in the Senate.   

You can not make this stuff up. 

 Closer to home, we have our very own Governor who likes to make up stories on why we are in desperate need of civil service "reform".   Mr. Walker also made up stories about death threats to his family and himself, along  with a myriad of other half truths, false statements and pants on fire lies.  

Maybe the most egregious though, is the fact that the self proclaimed  "fiscal conservative" just finished a failed presidential run, where he spent $90,000 a day

In almost the same time that we found out that poverty has  increased in WI:

Five years into the nation’s recovery from recession, Wisconsin’s working families remain considerably worse off than they were before. Nearly three-quarters of a million Wisconsinites lived in poverty in 2014, according to a recent release of new Census data, which is 150,000 more than in 2007.  Poverty is more prevalent among children than adults, with about 1 in 6 Wisconsin kids in poverty last year.
The typical Wisconsin household earned significantly less in 2014 than a typical household in 2007 – about 9% less when the figures are adjusted for inflation. That drop in income makes it harder for families to put food on the table, pay car repair bills, save for their children’s educations, and make other investments that help them climb the economic ladder.
 Then JSonline PurpleWI Contributor Jay Miller tells us who cares that Scott Walker, took a full salary and benefits to campaign full time for President and blow through $7 million dollars in campaign funds in about 90 days. 

Enough already. In the last several days, the Journal Sentinel has run not one, but two, feature articles detailing how Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential campaign ended up $1 million in debt.
Although it is not unusual for a candidate withdrawing from a failed race to have debts, the newspaper decided to trumpet this non-story. And, then, its watchdog columnist, Daniel Bice, provided the coup de grace with his Sunday column, “Walker mum on campaign spending”.
It is hard when people find no problem with a politician shirking his duties to campaign for a job he promised us he did not want and would not pursue, while spending $90,000/day. 

For context, that would bring two full time teachers to a public school in WI.  

Maybe the biggest problem facing Wisconsin is that the party in charge is either tone deaf or completely divorced from reality. 

Here Scott Walker partakes in an activity that 15.3 million children in the US a day do not get to


  1. WE had the choice to recall him but did not shame on all of you that kept voting for him - what goes around does eventually come comes around :)

  2. A corollary problem of IMMENSE proportion is that we have no real way of stopping this madness! Our state constitution is not equipped to deal with corruption of this magnitude, and apparently there is no Federal authority that seems to be interested in coming to our rescue. This latter issue really baffles me, give that we have a Democratic president. You would think that the political landscape in WI would strike the feds as important to monitor as homeland terrorism, because that's what it feels like to live here (as a 2 educator family). The WI Republicans have not endured an ounce of shame, let alone concrete repercussion for their corrupt hijacking and destruction of our state institutions, both in terms of concrete infrastructure wasted or sold for a pittance, and that of lost democratic integrity.

  3. In short, with Republican dominated Statehouse and Supreme Court, we citizens are screwed.