Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wild, Wild, West

By Jeff Simpson 

Recently in Houston, a man was carjacked, and (un)luckily for him, a "good guy with a gun" was handy to help him out.  However, as the saying goes, "with friends like this, who needs carjackers?". 

According to police, a carjacking at a gas station in Valero Saturday night left one man injured, but it wasn’t the intended target when an ammosexual attempted to go “full-Rambo” and stop the crime-in-progress. Rather than call police, the unnamed GGWAG leaped into action and opened fire on two men who jumped another man at the gas station. He didn’t manage to quite hit his targets, but the unnamed shooter managed to land one blow — to the victim’s head. The carjackers managed to escape with the unnamed victim’s pickup truck.
The  shooting (and carjacking) victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he remains in stable condition. The stolen truck was located a mile away, but the suspects managed to escape and are still on the loose. In true “Good Guy With a Gun” fashion, the shooter did not wait around for police to arrive, and is being sought for questioning.

Now in Michigan, at a Home Depot store, someone allegedly was shop lifting, and we all know the punishment for possibly shoplifting is death.  That is if we are lucky enough to have "good girl with gun" handy to mete out the deserved punishment.

   Police say a customer witnessed two suspected shoplifters leaving the store and fired shot at their SUV.Police say the customer does have a concealed weapons license. Officers say she did shoot out one of the tires on the SUV.
It is not known if she will face charges in the incident.

How she does not get charged with two counts of attempted murder is beyond me,

In Portland, days after a mass shooting at a community college that left 9 dead, two men were walking around schools with assault rifles over their shoulders.  

The list goes on and on and on.

As the righty sooth sayer, Bradley Foundations own Christian Schneider says:

When Wisconsin passed concealed-carry, it became the 49th state to do so. And upon passage of similar laws in other states,exactly none of them became the open firing ranges concealed carry opponents feared.
Nope never happens.  As Schneider says:

The question is, how wrong do these people have to be before we stop believing them?


  1. THEY ARE NOT ASSAULT RIFLES! Learn the definition!

  2. F--k off, Eric. Your being more concerned about definitions than actual deaths says much about your lack of humanity.

    1. No, how can you have a debate or even a discussion about guns and gun control when one side knows nothing about the topic?

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  4. Really ... all caps definition is a debate? Case closed ahole.