Monday, October 12, 2015

Larson To Take On Boss Abele!

Chris Larson (the good Chris)
In 2010, Chris Larson sent a shockwave thought the state's Democratic Party when he defeated entrenched incumbent Jeff Plale for his seat in the state senate.  It proved to be a smart move by the voters of that district.  After Plale was ousted, he showed his true nature by accepting his 30 pieces of silver from his pal, Scott Walker.

It is being reported that Larson has decided to take another Corporate Democrat, Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele.

To show that Larson isn't taking on this challenge as the odd man out or without support, Congresswoman Gwen Moore will join Larson when he makes his announcement. Comments she has already made is very telling:
U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, a Milwaukee Democrat and former Abele backer, is putting her support behind Larson, giving some heft to his campaign and a potential draw on Milwaukee's African-American vote.

In an interview, Moore said that Abele had focused too much time on amassing power and undermining enemies on the County Board, rather than working with other Democrats to uplift the county's deeply impoverished core.

"I've been very, very disappointed that Chris Abele has really not met my expectations in terms of providing these (social) services and doing it in a democratic way," Moore said. "It pains me because I like Chris Abele. He's smart, but I think he's a benevolent dictator."
Moore has always been diplomatic when it comes to other Democrats, but she really understated the damage that Abele has inflicted upon himself.  But it rather telling in itself that Moore, a Democrat, is supporting Larson while Abele's only defender is County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, a rabid Republican.

Abele has alienated a lot of people in the past five years.

Chris Abele (the bad Chris)
Abele has waged a war on workers.  Not many people realize it, but the things that have them up in arms about Scott Walker - such as gouging the workers even more and attacking civil service laws - are things that Abele has already done to county workers.  Abele has also attacked and fought living wage laws to the point of trying to have those laws killed statewide.

There is also his ongoing war with the transit workers.  Instead of sitting down and negotiating in good faith, Abele is still creating unnecessary and unwanted labor strife with his anti-union tactics.  The only reason that Abele is even starting to budge now is to avoid a strike this close to the election.

Abele has also alienated the teacher's unions - as well as many parents and members of the black community - by extending his power grab to the Milwaukee Public Schools, eagerly agreeing to become the MPS Privatization Czar.

Abele really put his foot in it with the black community last week when he said he wanted to help blacks by giving them more programs in jail, more child support enforcement and more mental health services.

Abele also has insulted veterans by saying that support for the War Memorial Center was "bullshit."

Abele showed his disdain for taxpayers and vulnerable citizens with his mental health debacle.  Not only did he get the state to go along with his plan to create an unelected taxing body to take over the mental health system, but then started to kick people out of the mental health complex with insufficient protection and support.  This has led to people getting seriously injured and even dying becaue of Abele's negligence.

Perhaps Abele's greatest act of maleficence was the gutting of representative government and concentrating that power in his hands.  That's isn't being progressive. That's being a petty tyrant.

In fact, the only chance Abele has is using his daddy's checkbook as leverage with the few Corporate Democrats and Republicans that are willing to turn a blind eye to all of his misdeeds for a check cut out to their campaign.

Abele likes to say it shows that he can be "bipartisan."

Methinks he uses that word on purpose, but really means "buy-partisan."

Either way, it spells that it's time for Abele to go.


  1. Larson for County Exec is the best news we have had in a really long time...really long..too long !

  2. Larson for County Exec is the best news we have had in a really long time...really long..too long !

  3. Abele's bipartisan the same way a lot of politicians are:
    progressive rhetoric... plus... regressive policies.
    (a) gets them (re-)elected, and (b) gets them rich.
    Best of both worlds!

  4. If I thought it was worth my time, It would be interesting to search the archives of cog-dis for the glowing endorsements of Chris Able. Maybe the gentle writer can do a Hillary and claim the Sgt. Schultz defense. LOL!