Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WI Lawmakers To Propose Office Of African American Affairs

Wisconsin - and especially in MIlwaukee - is a very bad place to be African American. Wisconsin has the highest incarceration rate for African American men. Milwaukee is the most racially and economically segregated communities in the nation. Unemployment rates for African Americans in Milwaukee is nearly 20% and some neighborhoods the unemployment rate is over 50%.

To address these issues, Milwaukee County Supervisor Khalif Rainey is proposing that the county create an Office of African American Affairs. The objectives of this agency, per Rainey, would be:
“The creation of a Milwaukee County Office on African American Affairs includes as its objectives: the examination and definition of issues central to the rights and needs of African Americans; recommendations for changes in programs and laws that disproportionately impact African Americans; development and implementation of policies, plans, and programs related to the special needs of African Americans; and promotion of equal opportunities for African Americans.”
Milwaukee Alderman Willie Wade and Representative Leon Young will introduce similar proposals for the City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin, respectively.

These proposals will probably pass in both the city and the county, especially given that most of the elected officials in both entities are up for reelection in the spring of 2016. Sadly, it probably won't get much traction at the state level, where Scott Walker and his fellow corporate puppets are in overdrive to ram through their plantation economic agenda.

Interesting, Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele - who said that he was "helping" the black community by putting more programming in the House of Corrections, increasing aid to child support enforcement and expanding mental health services - is all for this proposal.

After trying to claim credit for programs created by others, Abele even admitted that what he was doing "clearly they are not enough." That is a remarkable admission from such an arrogant, pompous ass that holds only disdain for anyone not wealthy.

But like I said, he faces reelection in a few months and has a strong challenger in State Senator Chris Larson, a very popular progressive.

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  1. What would be the point? The office wouldn't be open a week before Robin Vos would "fast-track" legislation disbanding it and making all future similar efforts illegal. Legislation that would overwhelmingly pass (along party lines, of course) a week later in a midnight vote. Am I wrong?