Thursday, October 15, 2015

Where Will Scott Walker Be On November 10th?

Fox Business News and the Wall Street Journal will be hosting the next GOP presidential debate right here in Milwaukee on November 10th.

As the gentle reader is well aware of, Scott Walker's presidential campaign failed in spectacular fashion just last month.

This lead me to ponder what will Walker be doing on the night of the debate, since he won't be a participant.

Will Walker:

A)  Stay in Madison, curled up in a fetal position under his desk, mumbling to himself on how he should be president because he was the chosen one?

B)  Stay in Madison, sitting in a darkened room with Tonette watching the debate, crying that David Koch promised him that he was going to be president and asking why the Koch Boyz had forsaken him?

C)  Be at the debate, drawn to the media attention like a moth to a flame, at the cost of reminding the state and the nation what an absolute failure he is both as a governor and a presidential candidate?

D)  Given who is hosting this stop of the GOP circus, will Walker be attracted to the media attention by agreeing to be "an expert commentator" so he can compare the failure of the remaining candidates to his own failure and so that he can again repeat his unheeded advice to the other wannabes that they should follow his lead by dropping out of the race.

E) Something else?

I like to think that I am pretty good at knowing what Walker will do in any particular situation but this one truly has me stumped.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I'd like to say A, but Walker being the narcissist that he is, I'm betting D.

  2. If the debate is held at the student union on the Marquette campus (where the Democratic campaign debate was held in 2004) then he could watch it over a slurpy in the Union lounge and reminisce about his very first failed/crooked election for Marquette student government

  3. You silly boy! His campaign was not a failure, he made the decision to withdraw for excellent strategic & patriotic reasons (plus love of and concern for his state also too) which you couldn't possibly understand, not being endowed with his superior intellect. D because after all there is nobody more expert than Scotty /snark

  4. He'll be sitting back and enjoying the fine job he's doing for Wisconsin.
    Unemployment at 4.3% a 14 year low
    Aug 2014 to Aug 2015 - 41,600 new job ( over 10,000 more than MN)
    Finish fiscal year with 135 Million dollar surplus (we're is that 2B deficit capper?) this after cutting over 2 Billion in taxes

    1. That's some high-quality satire there, Jeffy. Especially since your spin has since many holes in it that you could drive a truck thru.

      Here'she a hint, basement boy. When you end the year with $381 miles less in the bank than you started with, that ain't a surplus.

      As for what will Scott you do on Nov. 10, he'll stand in front of a mirror saying "I coulda been somebody. I coulda been a contender. Instead, I'm just a bum."

  5. E) Something else.

    Walker will be on the phone desperately trying to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS to pay off the debt from his failed campaign.

  6. Errr, taking notes on the other candidates' MUCH better styles than his, so that he can improve his own for future attempts?

    Nahhh, if he was going to do THAT, he would have been doing it the last several election cycles, and obviously he didn't.