Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scott Walker Flip Flops On His Last Remaining Position

BY Jeff Simpson

August 26, 2015

Walker has maintained the travel has not affected his ability to govern effectively and communicate with lawmakers as they amend his budget proposal, noting he carries two cellphones.
“When you look at the bigger issue, the work every week, I meet with the Speaker and the Majority Leader, and their counterparts in the opposing party when they’re in session,” Walker told reporters during a recent conference call from Spain. “The record clearly shows we’re just as engaged today as at any point over the last four years.”

 October 14, 2015:

Walker made moves to run for president shortly after being re-elected to a second term in November and dropped out last month. His current term runs through 2018, which will be midterm for the next president.
Walker said, "It is difficult to run your state and to run for president at the same time."

Of course Mr. Unitimidated had to go in front of Chuck Sykes where he knew he wouldnt be challenged on his flip flops or lies.  

I think for Scott Walker to continue running our state, he should have a mandatory psychological evaluation.    He has not stayed consistent on an issue in years.  The people of WI deserve so much more/



  1. He continually proves that he's not the sharpest tool in the shed......................but he is a tool.

  2. Great catch Jeff. And if he's admitting it in a scripted interview with Sykes, imagine how out to lunch this guy was during that FAIL of a campaign....and still is.

    Then again, he probably was as engaged with the needs of the average Wisconsinite as he was the previous 4 years. As in "not giving a care in the world."