Sunday, March 16, 2014

Steineke - Witness to A Crime.

By Jeff Simpson

Capper did a great job of pointing out the deep rooted Misogyny that runs in the Wisconsin Republican party. 

She’s innocuous, she has no record to beat him with and now that she’s had her makeover, she’s attractive, she’s a woman.” Kramer said on Jan. 31. “But maybe it doesn’t matter who she is. People already know what they think of Walker: love or hate.”

 Again, this is nothing surprising. Kramer has a well-known history of making misogynistic and sexist remarks.

Nor is this the first time that the right wing has gone after Burke for her appearance.

Which proves the theory that it is not WHAT Kramer did but WHO he did it to, that set Robin Vos off.  Some inappropriate comments  aimed at his mistress perhaps?     The above comments, by supposed republican "leadership" did not draw even a sneer amongst the party.

That is because this is who they are.   They see nothing wrong whatsoever with judging a woman strictly on her looks, its not like they consider women peers.  Besides if these guys aren't qualified to judge a woman's appearance, who is?

However, I will let their actions speak for themselves.  They do not feel that women are equals so if you feel the same way, then feel free to continue voting republican.

What I wanted to point out, was the last throw away line of Bice's article.
 One GOP lawmaker, Rep. Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) has come forward to say he witnessed the incidents

Has anyone asked Rep. Steineke if he alerted the authorities? Is it not also against the law to witness a crime and NOT report it?  If it was bad enough to get him to unanimously voted out of his role as party leader then shouldn't the authorities be informed of exactly what happened and then let the proper authorities decide if it was a criminal act?  If it was NOT a criminal act, why would he lose his position?

So many unanswered republican questions as we head into election season!


  1. Most GOPs were cool with Kramer's act, until it went public. Then they weren't so cool with it.

    Just like how the Waukesha County Business Alliance was cool with Kramer's makeover" crack on Mary Burke.

    Both fail the "character is shown when no one is watching" test.

  2. integrity is not in the best interest of most GOP'ers.

    Most are losers themselves.

    1. Steineke is bought and paid for by the Kochs. He had trouble making a living before he was elected to the Assembly.

  3. The first rule of the criminal underworld is: Don't rat anyone out to the police. Deal with the matter internally.

    1. Walker's one TRUE statement which I can remember enough of, to quickly paraphrase, "Investigators read those emails and I was not charged."

      I'll still bet that if we ever find out the rest of the story, we'll learn of a major breach of your indicated rule number one, namely, Walker was granted immunity from prosecution for turning state's evidence.

  4. The link to the Bice post above does not work.

    Link to the Steineke statement:

    Ousted Assembly majority leader focused on Mary Burke's appearance

    Republican ousted Kramer as their majority leader after he was accused of groping a legislative staffer and making sexually offensive remarks to a lobbyist. He is currently in rehab for unspecified reasons.

    One GOP lawmaker, Rep. Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) has come forward to say he witnessed the incidents.

    Of course this was a known known as on the 7th Jason Stein of the MJS reported:

    Legislature looks at groping allegations against Bill Kramer Another Republican intervened in incident

    Kaeppel will almost certainly talk to Rep. Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna), who has acknowledged witnessing much of the alleged harassment in Washington, D.C. Steineke, who as assistant majority leader in the Assembly ranked just behind Kramer in that house, couldn't be reached for comment on the inquiry late Friday.

    But Steineke earlier told a reporter that after the fundraiser, he went to a bar as part of a group that included Kramer, the lobbyist and the legislative staffer.

    At one point, Steineke said, he heard Kramer speaking in crude terms with the lobbyist about topics such as oral sex and saw that she was visibly upset. Steineke didn't go into details of Kramer's remarks but said they embarrassed him and left the lobbyist "devastated" and in tears.

    Steineke said he intervened and helped get the lobbyist away from Kramer. He said Kramer appeared drunk.

    After that, Steineke said, he saw Kramer come up behind the legislative staffer and hug her from behind. It appeared that in doing so he grabbed her breast.

    "Did I just see what I think I saw?" he asked the staffer, who confirmed to him that she had been inappropriately touched.

    At that point, Steineke said, he removed Kramer from the bar and called Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) about taking steps to address Kramer's conduct and the needs of the victims.

    Steineke did not fly back with Kramer from Washington and as a result didn't witness a second alleged incident that took place between Kramer and the lobbyist when they happened to meet on a plane returning to Wisconsin.

    Steineke said that Kramer's conduct at the bar couldn't be condoned and that he needed to be removed as majority leader because of it. He didn't specifically address whether Kramer should step down from his seat or not run for re-election.

  5. So, he decided to take action when he realized that he would be in position to be majority leader. Interesting. Opportunist.