Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ryan Murray...Is Causing Deep And Lasting Harm...

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker's pet project, WEDC, has been a miserable failure in terms of job creation and a taxpayers money pit.    While there is too much incompetence to list at this time, there is one thing that really stands out!

The Incompetence of Ryan Murray.   


Even though we at CogDis have been pointing out that Ryan Murray is beyond incompetent.  It was not Murray's bang up job responding to "citizens policy questions" as much as it was that Ryan's daddy - Mike Murray of RJS Construction.   

When you run a business as successful as RJS Construction, you can not have incompetent boobs like Murray working in the office.   So you call in favors and get him in charge of tens of millions of tax payer dollars.  He can see the world, make a good living and not affect your family's bottom line.

On the other hand, Ryan Murray, as a child of privilege who never had to work for anything in his life, yet was handed everything.   Murray, who couldn't cut it going away to college, has always needed daddy to bail him out.   Murray, has bounced from one right wing campaign to another until Scott Walker handed him power.  Now the power that the Governor has given him has went to his head and it is  not pretty.

Lee Swindall, WEDC's vice president of business and industry development,recently quit because he could not stand Murray.   He was eventually talked into staying, but before that he sent this letter

"As a leader of the organization and its mission, I can no longer align with the management methods employed in policy development or deployment. I believe Ryan Murray, lacking either the talent or experience to function as the Chief Operations Officer of the WEDC, is causing deep and lasting harm through the application of control-style management rather than consultative management.

"Murray confuses rigid control with stability and sound management. What he is producing instead is instability, opposition and resentment in WEDC. This state of growing unrest will corrode the ability of the agency to perform and reach goals, not secure it. Ryan Murray is too committed to his own consolidated power to either notice or care about the swelling discontent in WEDC."

The letter came after one clash after another in which Murray reprimanded Swindall for what he saw as chronic flouting of agency procedures and rules — at a time when Murray was tasked with running a tighter ship.

Murray, called out as incompetent by a peer, is now in charge of tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money.   No wonder Scott Walker can not create jobs.   

This is what you get when Scott Walker is in charge.  Walker cares more about rewarding donors than actually governing and his appointments and actions prove it.

We do not need four more years of incompetence and cronyism.  Let's make Ryan Murray try and get a real job,disband WEDC and vote Scott Walker out of office in November

Our tax dollars and our jobs depend on it!   


  1. I wonder how much WEDC money has gone to RJS Construction?

  2. I see a pair of collage drop out's. By the look on their faces it looks like 1 of them shit their pants. See what a big donation to the Walker slush fund can buy you.

  3. Wonder why Swindall bothered to stay? Although doubtless having the WEDC on your resume is pretty toxic.

  4. An alternative way of getting rid of a useless relative or In-law is to buy him a US senate seat.

  5. WEDC will forever be Walker's legacy. He created it. He chairs it. Murray might be at the wheel, but Walker's the captain of this Titanic disaster.

  6. Remember when Dan Ariens dredged up that employee/sex offender as an example of Walker's success?
    My brother worked there too and has similar stories to tell.
    Another local long time employee commented recently that "It aint the same company as when his dad was running things..."
    So, Dan is off running WMC these days. In that case it might be a good thing to watch them melt down the same way.

    1. Funny how right-wing legacy cases who run Dad's store tend to suck as businessmen, isn't it? No wonder why they need corporatist handouts from WEDC and WMC. They can't make it without the help!

      Meritocracy my a$$$!

  7. I find it like two dead beat school drop outs having fun in the picture and as if they both are used to being paid for, oops did I make it sound like they are gigolos paid my men, well when you are running with your nose up some mans bung hole and they pay for you wishes isn't that what you are?