Tuesday, August 19, 2014


BY Jeff Simpson

Republican assembly member and professional whiner Scott Krug has threatened to sue fellow blogger Michael Leon over a blog he wrote. 

So out of respect for Mr. Leon, here is his piece in its entirety:

ALEC Stooge, Rep Scott Krug Says He'll File Libel Suit Against MAL Contends

State Rep Scott Krug says he'll
file libel suit against this site
for pointing out Krug's
anti-environmental and
pro-CAFO political planks
Updated - Top ally of the Big Ag and polluters running scared, as he works in service of Scott Walker's plan that toxifies lakes, streams and aquifers

Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Krug (Wisconsin Rapids and ALEC) says he intends to file a libel suit against MAL Contends because MC points out that Krug is an anti-clean water, ALEC stooge who knows less about caring for the environment than he does about libel law.

Krug sent an email to MC last night (Sunday) in which Krug writes: "The post forwarded to me is libelous and we will persue (sic) action."

The Krug email was followed by a similar email to clean water advocates living in Wood and Adams counties, at least some of whom serve on the Citizens Groundwater Advisory Group, an informal group that Krug put together as a PR job to convince people that Krug is actually against the siting of a massive concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO) in central Wisconsin, and that Krug really, really cares about the environment.

Monday afternoon Krug sent an email to Donald Ysted of Nakoosa in Wood County.

Writes Krug: "Criticism is part of the process, I'm more than happy to take my lumps when deserved, helps me learn from mistakes and become a better legislator. I won't stand for outright lies simply because there is some truth surrounding them."

Lies and "some truth" do not typically make for compelling libel actions.

Krug is scared because the proposed massive CAFO is about as popular with his constituents as a warm glass of liquid cow manure.

Krug will face Dana Duncan of Port Edwards who has made safeguarding Wisconsin's waters a centerpiece of his campaign, and is unflinching in his opposition to the proposed CAFO.

Early this afternoon, Krug responded to an email from me and wrote: "Do you intend to retract the following statements? 'And cynical, corrupt politicians are providing political cover for the polluters.'
'Instead Krug is assisting Scott Walker, Walker's DNR and the Dairy Business Association in their project in which one objective is to contaminate and literally toxify Wisconsin lakes and other waters.'"

To which I responded: "Of course not. By the way, truth an excellent defense against defamation accusations."

Still waiting to see if Krug is really dumb enough to file a libel suit or if an attorney wises the kid up.

Here is krug's twitter   @skrug75

  Madison Office: Room 208 North
State Capitol
P.O. Box 8952
Madison, WI 53708 

(608) 266-0215 

 (888) 529-0072
Fax - (608) 282-3672 
Voting Address: 1414 Akron Ave.
Nekoosa, WI 54457

Staff: Dan Posca Dan.Posca@legis.wisconsin.gov
Randy Thorson Randy.Thorson@legis.wisconsin.gov

Finally, here is who is going to beat him in November -  Dana Duncan

Calls to Rep. Krug's office went unanswered


  1. Is this guy a card carrying member of the Cranio-Anal Impaction league? I'm not a doctor so my opinion probably doesn't count.

  2. Krug bares a striking physical resemblance to the silent-film comedy star Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle.

  3. Gareth.
    You beat me to that observation. Any bets on whether he voted to prevent food stamp recipients from purchasing 'junk' food? which will leave more for him. They should have added legislatures to that list.

  4. And this is even an issue, why????

  5. ALEC and their legislators have proposed "Ag gag" legislation in many states, meant to silence anyone who exposes the abuses of CAFOs and big corporate agriculture. Wisconsin has not passed such legislation as of yet, but Krug is trying to silence any opposition to his activities. The comittees he is on have everything to do with the pushing of CAFOs.