Monday, March 5, 2012

Sen. Schultz Touts Falk's Record!

Senator Dale Schultz, Wisconsin's favorite Republican, did an interview in which he touts Kathleen Falk's record as public intervenor:

It's not surprising that Shultz would say something like that, since he's obviously got more integrity and intellect than the rest of the Republican Caucus combined.

Nor is it all that surprising that the video was done by MacIver Institute, since they were doubtlessly looking for a gotcha moment to embarrass Schultz.

What is surprising is that MacIver let this out to the public. It doesn't meet their two standards: It's not promoting a Republican cause and it tells the truth.

Falk is a very intelligent and talented woman.

H/T Wiggy - which is almost as surprising as the MacIver business.

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