Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Police State Of Fitzwalkerstan

Vince Megna has been called the "King of Lemon Laws." As such, he is understandably upset as Scott Walker and his WISGOP cronies systematically went about removing consumer protection laws to further enrich their corporate sponsors.

To point out the outrage, Megna has apparently been making videos to point out the idiocy of the ruling class of Fitzwalkerstan. And the petty tyrants aren't pleased, as you can see from this video, as Megna is trying to shoot some film in front of the Waupun correctional facility while standing on the public sidewalk:

Of course, people like Warden Pollard acting as petty tyrants shouldn't be surprising when they are working for a despot like Walker who sends state troopers to arrest political opponents like any sorry third world dictator would.

After all:


  1. The best footage is at 4:40 Wherein the officer asks if it's a political video... As Attorney Megna says "Scott Walker's defense team",the officer tries real hard to hold back her smile... Priceless.

  2. The guy in the white shirt is a Lt. or Capt.(Management) Not a blueshirt.He apparently was the messenger from the Warden,who is a coward...

  3. If the sidewalk is State property I am wondering if the State, by fiat from any State employee, can shut down any recording of a citizen enjoying their First Amendment rights. I have a suspicion the all embracing Patriot Act and Homeland Security will be deployed in this particular incident.

  4. That is a very interesting video. Mr. Megna is doing us all a very important service by documenting the strong-arm tactics used by the Walker administration to silence critics and intimidate citizens exercising their rights.

    It is instructive to watch the guard use his training in an attempt to outwit Mr. Megna. As the initial set of tactics fail (asking for compliance, refusing to explain or answer questions directly, holding information back while reciting the reasons Megna is not supposed to film at that location, etc.). Despite repeated attempts by Mr. Megna to explain that the sidewalk is not part of the prison itself, the guard continues to ignore that fact while repeating the talking points he was given.

    Finally, sensing that his threats are not working and doubting his own position(Guard's thought bubble: "Hmmmm, that sounds right in my gut. Oh, cool, a McDonalds. I always thought sidewalks were public spaces. McChicken sandwich. But I better keep doing what I've been told to do. Man I'm hungry."), the guy resorts to commenting on Mr. Megna's tone of voice. That's a sure sign of losing one's factual position in a disagreement.

    The guard went from attempting to force compliance with words to manipulative personal comments to calling on a super-ordinate authority to come to his rescue (the police).

    Excellent sunday morning infotainment!

  5. If filming on a public sidewalk (public property) is a security endangerment to Waupun Correctional, what is a Google Maps satellite photo?