Saturday, March 3, 2012

Data Defenders Needed In Milwaukee!

I received a pressing email from the recall folks:


While Scott Walker's campaign was trying to explain their failure to find even one recall signature to challenge, Walker's spokesperson said "it obviously takes more time to verify signatures than to collect them."

She said that they were given an "impossible timeline." That's laughable!

We've already shown the other side how to achieve incredible feats within "impossible deadlines." Your strength and determination has made our grassroots effort the largest recall in U.S. History.

But as the story goes while recalling Scott Walker, we have another crucial deadline to meet. We have to enter every signer into our voter database by March 23rd.

Will you help us do the impossible again by signing up here to volunteer?

To be honest, when it became our job to enter Wisconsin's one million signatures into our database, the Milwaukee team was nervous. We have only two offices in Milwaukee open at the moment, and only have a few computers to complete an enormous task.

Somehow, someway, we are right on target to complete this enormous task by March 23rd. We are only 200 volunteers away from achieving our original goal, but the pace must continue. Just one slow day in Milwaukee holds the entire state back from reaching our urgent goal.

The sooner we finish, the faster we can make sure that every person who signed the petition turns out to elect a new governor Wisconsin families can believe in to create jobs and return open, clean government to our state.

We want 1,000,000 plus petition signers to translate into votes. The only way we are going to be able to make sure these signers turn out to vote is if we complete the data entry process. This will allow us to make call lists and the canvassing packets for volunteers to use during GOTV.

Will you work with us to complete this task?

We've faced tremendous challenges and goals before, but together we've always met and exceeded them. Sign up up now and help us meet a seemingly impossible task again so we can have the ability to call petition signers and knock on their doors on Election Day.

Join us now and show Scott Walker that people power will trump millions in out-of-state dollars when it comes to "doing the impossible!"
Here's our chance to stick it to the weasel twice! Defend the data - and our freedom - and make Walker look even more like the liar and the fool he is! Please, let's stand up, Milwaukee, and show the rest of the state how it's done!


  1. Is there anything people can do from home? I'm about 120 miles from Milwaukee. The form your links point to is only for people in that area. I'm sure there's lots of people that would help throughout WI.

  2. They are throughout Wisconsin. Call your local Democratic party for information on the office closest to you.