Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Walker Changes Tune On Walkergate

For months, Scott Walker has stated emphatically that he was not the subject of Walkergate, the ongoing John Doe Investigation that has already led to two convictions and has four other people facing criminal charges.

The most recent example was just days ago when his campaign spokeswoman stated that Walker was told he was not the subject of the investigation.  (By the way, Ms. Matthews, they don't tell you if you are or aren't a subject of a John Doe until they arrest you.)

On Monday night, during a Journal Communications-sponsored campaign rally, Walker had the same question asked to him by his unofficial spokesman Charlie Sykes.  Walker changed his tune a bit:
Gov. Scott Walker, asked Monday night if he was a target of a John Doe probe in Milwaukee County in connection with activities during his tenure as county executive, said Monday: "Not that I know of."
Of course, if the gentle reader hasn't figured out that one cannot trust anything Walker says, or that he has a long history of twisting words with the best of the weasels, well then, the gentle reader just hasn't been paying one iota of attention for the last ten years.


  1. The Indictable Boy was on Squawk Box on CNBC this morning. Must be in NYC to take instructions from the Koch Bros.

  2. As I understand it you don't know for certain if you are a target of a John Doe until they walk you down for the mugshot and finger printing. So Governor Hair-In-A-Can has plausible deniability until the ink is on his fingers.

  3. Pretty soon we can begin any story about Walker by saying, "From his place of exile outside Wisconsin, former Gov. Scott Walker..." .

  4. Biscupic is not on Walker's side and we all know it. He could surprise Walker with trumped up charges any day, and it's up to Walker to defend himself, Guilty or Innocent.

    It's only good politics to say what he said, unless you hate him. Then he's Lucifer.

  5. Mr. Walker will not be exiled outside wisconsin. He is doing to be right up the road around Beaver Dam and Horicon. This new residence of his is called "The Walls" or Waupun.