Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part LXXIX

Scott Walker's budget and austerity measures are so bad....

(This is where you go, "How bad is it?")

They're so bad that even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is starting to report on it:
An analysis of jobs data shows that Wisconsin lags the nation in a number of ways that reflect grimly on its economy:

Wisconsin has lost more private-sector jobs (an estimated 27,700) than any state in the country since the middle of last year (July through December), according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Only one other state, Missouri, is close, losing about 19,000 jobs in that stretch.

Although the state added more than 41,000 private-sector jobs in the first half of 2011, losses in the second half of the year have wiped out most of those gains, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Despite an uptick in December, Wisconsin has the biggest six-month decline in manufacturing jobs in the nation after California. That's significant because Wisconsin depends more on manufacturing for jobs than any state but Indiana. It's also significant at a time when a renaissance in manufacturing is helping drive the national recovery.

Wisconsin's job losses can't be readily explained as part of a broader pattern involving Midwestern or industrial states. Wisconsin's neighbors are all outperforming the state when it comes to job growth over the past six months.

Wisconsin also lags in some broader measures and forecasts. The most recent leading indicators for each of the 50 states, compiled by the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, identify Wisconsin as one of only six states expected to contract in the first half of this year.
How much more does the paper have to see and even report on before they admit they were wrong in endorsing Walker?


  1. Love this line: "Wisconsin's job losses can't be readily explained..." Oh really? Something isn't adding up but the poor dears just can't figure it out. What was it that changed in the second half of 2011? Come on now, think hard...

    1. ......Balanced budget? Debts paid off? Taxes not raised?

    2. Resorting to trolling now? We've already been over all those lies time and time again. Either come up with new lines or move on.

  2. It would make you happy if nobody challenged you wouldn't it? I'll try to limit my comments to "your the best Cap" and "keep fighting the good fight cap"

    1. No, please go ahead and challenge me. Just use facts. The issues you raised have been so thoroughly debunked that there's nothing left of them.