Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XCII

Remember that Family Care fiasco by Scott Walker? Where he tried to take credit for lifting the caps which he illegally imposed in the first place and had to be told by the feds to lift them. Apparently it took him too long to do the right thing to save jobs:
Care Wisconsin said Wednesday it will cut 15 administrative positions at its offices at 2802 International Lane, or about 3 percent of its 511 employees.

Services to elderly residents will not be curtailed, the nonprofit organization said.

Care Wisconsin serves more than 4,700 frail elderly and adults with disabilities in South Central Wisconsin in the state's Family Care and Partnership programs. Its programs include adult day centers, long-term care options and transportation.

The job reduction will take effect May 19, Care Wisconsin said.
Aren't you glad things are getting better?


  1. I'd like to see details on the 4,000+ state jobs that were created in Feb.

  2. Half of them were in Construction....because of a seasonal adjustment that shows fewer layoffs in construction than usual for February. Can you say "near-record warmth?"

  3. I think many of the public sector jobs were thought to be students returning to work after vacation. Weird.

  4. State jobs are a burden on the state fiscally, I say add as few as possible. Crazy? heh?

    1. Then you must hate Walker who has actually increased the size of state government. There's a lot of campaign donors to appease.