Saturday, March 17, 2012

The One Demographic Walker Hasn't Lost Yet

In the past year, Scott Walker has managed to alienate most of the state.  He's lost ground with the working class, with women, with students, with parents, with the elderly, with the disabled, with independent voters and even with Republicans.

But there is one group that is still proud to support Walker, as this photo taken near Waterloo, WI, courtesy of Emily Mills:

Zombies for Walker!!
Well, one would have to be pretty brain dead to still support Walker after all the crap he's pulled.  This is also evidence that belies their claims that the dead vote for Democrats.

It also warns us to be prepared for a possible zombie apocalypse.  Fortunately, we know exactly what to do.


  1. Could that very land be owned by someone that would benefit greatly from some deregulation of that land?

    Seems like the "owners" in Wisconsin are more than happy to stand with Walker since everyone else in their eyes are nothing more than "the help."

  2. "Fortunately, we know exactly what to do." What would that be? require a photo ID to vote?

  3. I drive all over the state for business and have seen far more Stand with Walker signs than recall Walker signs. The best one yet was on a car in Lomira. "One Walker beats 14 runners any day!

    1. Violent subtext is what sways people one way or the other.

      Next time you see me with my "recall" bumper sticker, let's see if you have the backbone to "carry" through on your threatening hate.

    2. Yet Walker has spent more time out of state kissing up to special interest groups that all of the Dem senators combined. Imagine that. You're supporting someone who is worse that the ones you criticize. You must be one of them zombies.

  4. I am not surprised that Anonymous finds fewer recall walker signs. Notice the effort right now by radio talkers and their zombie army to bring on a crowd persecution of people who signed the recall. Remember the unhinged attacks on petition circulators? To oppose our governor is to invite attacks by the goons that Walker furtively cultivates behind his pr-manufactured veneer. But, anonymous, oppose him they do.

    1. Walker supporters are more apt to tear up other peoples stuff, like there signs. Or vandalize their neighbors property.

      Here's a group, and they are entitled to their opinion and action, I'll respect that. But they seriously hate, if anyone has an opinion other than what they have, they hate you.

      "We are a grass roots movement to make our voices heard and to stand and support the proposed GTAC Iron Mine... If you speak or protest against the proposed mine, we are against you!!!"

      And LaBarre, perfectly entitled to opinion and activism, I respect that, continues to do nothing more than serve as the "astro-turf" presence to hate on anyone who blocks what her coporate-campaign-contributors want.

      Or even read the hate on either Mr. Dale Schultz's facebook page, or even on the recall Bob Jauch page.

      And this blog has proven more true, I can't trust MacIver Institute, their content is truly leaning.

      And it's sad, just a few tweaks on the legislation and this whole mining thing would have been set to go with a compromise that most could have been okay with.

      Well, except the Teahadists and Caterpillar, etc., etc.. They want it all and then some. I bet folks like LaBarre had some insider investment trading potential, too.